Dog needed brain surgery after suffering from a life-threatening condition

At only five-months-old, Dottie should be spending time with her owner, enjoying lots of puppy cuddles and running around causing mischief as she navigates her way in the world. But instead, she’s currently recovering from brain surgery after suffering from nasal dermoid sinus, a condition she was likely born with. As owners who dote on our furbabies, the thought of

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‘Devastated’ pensioner reunited with beloved missing dog found 300 miles away

A "heartbroken" pensioner whose dog was stolen, burst into tears when told he had been found 300 miles away. Keith Fetches, 82, was finally reunited with two-year-old spaniel Keedy on Thursday after three months fearing he would never see him again. Evil thieves raided Keith's kennels outside his farm in Thornholme, Yorkshire on February 12, making off with Keedy and

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