Wild life of ‘multi-millionaire’ who denies hosting chem sex parties at his flat

A millionaire playboy has denied using chem-sex drugs in days-long "hedonistic" orgies at his city centre apartment. Aram Sheibani, 40, told jurors in Manchester: "I am a heavy drug user but definitely not a drug dealer." His trial is over a string of alleged offences including drug dealing, tax evasion and illicit property buying. The court heard that he travelled

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Family homeless after mice ‘burn house to the ground’ amid doomsday-like plague

A family is now homeless after mice 'burned their home to the ground' after chewing through wiring inside. Australia is battling a mouse plague, mimicking doomsday, in a horrific infestation taking over a large area of the country. Rebekah Ward said the infestation resulted in "mice jumping from the roof" to flee the blaze. The mum-of-three heard of the fire

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Michael Schumacher’s family buy £2.4million plot for stables in Majorca as F1 legend recovers from ski trauma

MICHAEL Schumacher's family have reportedly splashed out £2.4million on a huge plot of land in Majorca to build stables on. The Formula One legend's daughter and wife are said to have bought the 13-acre plot to "raise and ride horses on" as he continues his recovery from a devastating ski accident in 2013. The land is reportedly in Puerto Andratx

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