‘Out of control’ Chinese space rocket debris has finally crash landed on Earth

A Chinese rocket weighing the same as three T-Rex dinosaurs has finally crash landed on Earth – and it's somewhere in the Indian Ocean. The rocket stage had fallen off of the newly-launched Wentian space station module, which was fired into orbit by China on Sunday (July 24). While the module docked safely, the rocket launcher had fallen away and

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Fish shop looks to reel in customers with bikini-clad models sitting in tanks

A fish store in Bangkok, Thailand, attempted to lure customers in for their opening by putting bikini-clad women in their fish tanks. Arowana Mall's grand unveiling in the Chatuchak Market went viral on social media after a 26-second video was uploaded by Facebook user Ratchatapan Chiaochan showing the bikini-clad women in tanks of Arowanas. “The fish here are really beautiful,”

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Mega asteroid ‘could come dangerously close with Earth in 2052’, say experts

For out-of-this-world news, sign up for the Spaced Out newsletter A frightening crash between an asteroid and Earth has been ruled out following earlier fears that the mega rock would hit our planet – but it will come very close. The welcomed news arrived just before worldwide Asteroid Day, with the European Space Agency confirming that a collision will not

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