What's On Netflix This Week? Brand New Animal Anime, Horror Ju-On Series, More Movies, TV Shows, And Originals

While everyone gears up for the Independence Day weekend, when your neighbors will be setting off fireworks in their backyard way too early into the morning, you’ll probably need something new to watch on Netflix. You’re not going to be able to sleep anyway, so check out what’s coming out this week along with a few recommendations. If you’re looking

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This Bodybuilder Nearly Threw Up Trying to Do 12 Influencer Core Workouts in 1 Day

After realizing he had been neglecting to train his abs while living in lockdown, YouTuber MattDoesFitness decided to overcorrect that situation by attempting the two-week ab workout program from Chloe Ting’s channel. Of course, it wouldn’t be YouTube without turning this into a physically exhausting challenge, and so Matt sets himself the task of completing the entire program (consisting of

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