Bill Maher Calls Out Comedian Hasan Minhaj for Lying About Racism

Bill Maher did not hold back Friday night, calling comedian Hasan Minhaj a shady liar.

The ‘Real Time’ host ended his show worrying that the concept of truth has become relative, and Exhibit A is Donald Trump, making wild claims and then simply declaring them to be true.

He then broadens out and says both sides — the left and right — are guilty as charged. As Maher puts it, the right pushes conspiracy theories and the left embraces “emotional truth.”

BM then takes aim at Minhaj, and there’s more beef here than in any happy meal.  Minhaj accused Maher of saying Muslims should be rounded up and incarcerated — something Bill has never said.

Maher then references a New Yorker story, which calls Minhaj out for making up stories for his act. Specifically, Minhaj says he asked a girl to the prom and at the last minute her parents said she couldn’t go because he was a person of color. False, says the New Yorker.

And then there’s the story of the FBI hunting Minhaj down and throwing him against a car because they thought he was a terrorist. Again, false, says the mag.

Minhaj told the New Yorker, emotional truth is first — factual truth is secondary. Not so, says Maher … not at all.

There’s a lot more here … check out the vid.

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