Celebrity Big Brother star Rhian Sugden pregnant with first child after IVF struggles

Celebrity Big Brother star Rhian Sugden is expecting her first child with husband Oliver Mellor.

The 37 year old shared the happy news on Sunday, 19 December, revealing she and Oliver, 42, are finally set to become parents after eight gruelling rounds of IVF.

"We're over the moon," Rhian told Hello! "Our lives are going to change so much, which is very exciting."

Dad-to-be Oliver said: "I can't wait for the baby to be born. I'll pump my fist to the sky and shout, 'I'm a dad!'"

The couple, who met 10 years ago and have been married since 2018, have shared that their baby is due on 4 May.

Rhian and Oliver admitted that they feared they were destined to remain childless as they continued to struggle to conceive.

The couple underwent IVF after tests showed that Rhian's egg count and perimenopausal horome levels were both so low that she and Oliver were told they had just a three per cent chance of naturally conceiving.

Seven rounds of IVF across six years – totalling £130,000 – followed, and Rhian and Oliver nearly gave up hope at one point, with the former Page 3 model admitting she feared she would "die alone".

"I thought I'd never have children, that Oliver would leave me to have a baby with someone else, and I'd die alone," Rhian said, with Oliver recalling how he always tried to dispel her fears.

Rhian and Oliver gave IVF one final try in August, marking their eighth round. They were told that the two eggs being transferred weren't of great quality, leaving Rhian disappointed. However, just nine days later Rhian took a pregnancy test and it revealed she was finally expecting.

She told Hello! she is "thrilled" to be pregnant and Oliver said he felt "happiness" and "relief" after his wife showed him her pregnancy test.

The mum-to-be has been open about her fertility struggles online and previously told how the money she makes from OnlyFans goes solely on IVF treatment.

She told the Mirror: "Eighth time lucky hopefully – that's why I've got OnlyFans. It's expensive, it's like £15,000 per go. We had one round free with the NHS but the other seven, not so much."

Rhian also revealed that many people had reached out to her after she shared her fertility struggles online. She said: "Once you start talking about it loads of people get in touch which is quite nice because I've formed a little community of friends and we're all in the same position.

"I've never met them in real life but we speak all the time on WhatsApp so that's quite nice."

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