Duchess Meghan stepped out in Montecito last Friday & had lunch with a friend


The Duchess of Sussex got pap’d in Montecito on Friday, but the photos weren’t published until Tuesday. It makes me wonder if Backgrid (the photo agency) or the photographer sat on the photos for a few days to ensure that they would run simultaneously alongside King Charles’s birthday crap. Something similar happened during the coronation weekend too – Meghan got pap’d and the photos came out the day after the coronation, and they caused such a hubbub that the paparazzo who took the pics had to come out and say that the photos were not staged in any way. Good times. Anyway, as I said, this outing was on Friday, November 10th. Days before KCIII’s birthday.

Meghan looked really cute in the pics, and of course the squad got fashion IDs very quickly. Shorts are by La Ligne, sunglasses by Celine, belt by Givenchy, Aquazzura flats and a Cesta Collective tote bag. She also wore a poppy pin, which… I mean, royals wear poppies throughout the month of November. She’s royal, so she does that too.

Meghan wasn’t flying solo on this outing – she went to lunch with her friend Kelly McKee Kajfen, who runs Alliance of Moms. They had lunch at Pane e Vino and then went shopping at Wendy Foster (both carried big Wendy Foster bags). Several months ago, Meghan appeared on Kajfen’s Instagram, wearing a t-shirt for an Alliance of Moms campaign. You can see the Pane e Vino menu here – it’s very Italian and heavy on the cheese.

— Page Six (@PageSix) November 14, 2023

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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