Fiona Bruce goes makeup-free showing off her black eye and broken hand

Fiona Bruce reveals her nasty black eye without her heavy studio make-up as she emerges with her arm in a sling following shock accident

Fiona Bruce showed off her nasty black eye as she stepped out on Friday with her arm in a sling following a horse riding accident. 

The BBC presenter, 59, had first revealed her injuries on Question Time on Thursday night, but her black eye had looked less severe with heavy studio make-up concealing it. 

Despite the painful-looking bruise, Fiona smiled but appeared pained as she stepped out wearing a casual ensmemble. 

Fiona had sparked concern among Question Time viewers the night before when she revealed her injuries for the first time.

Brave face: BBC presenter Fiona Bruce revealed her nasty black eye without her heavy studio make-up as she emerged with her arm in a sling on Friday following a horse riding accident

In all its glory: The BBC presenter, 59, had a nasty looking eye injury which appeared to pain her 

Fiona explained that she had had an unfortunate accident while horse riding, before starting the debate with her guests.

She told viewers: ‘I thought I’d just mention it. It’s the least interesting thing in the programme but in case you’re wondering. 

‘I broke my hand and I’ve got the remnants of a black eye because I fell off a horse. And that’s all I have to say about that.’

Fiona took up horse riding in 2011, explaining in an interview with The Daily Mail in 2021 that she was no expert.

‘I started horse riding very late in life. I will always be pretty rubbish, but I love it,’ she said. 

‘It takes me to a different place. I can’t think about anything else when I’m doing it. I love being around horses. I love the speed. I love being outdoors.’

Last year, Fiona admitted she was embarrassed into exercising by her GP who left her feeling ‘mortified’ at her lack of movement.

She explained how the doctor was ‘so appalled’ that she did ‘literally no’ physical activity, before making the overhaul with the birth of her first son Sam, 21.

Accident: Fiona sparked concern among Question Time viewers on Thursday night when she first revealed her injuries 

The broadcast journalist said: ‘I never did any exercise until I went to see a GP before or just after I had Sam.

‘When asked if I did any exercise, I said, ‘None,’ and the doctor replied, ‘Literally none?’ I said, ‘No.’

‘I was mortified because she was so appalled, so I decided to do something.

‘To me, exercise isn’t about living longer but it gives me energy and I don’t know what I’d be like without it.

‘I definitely get mental benefits. If I’m feeling stressed at work or stressing that I’ve got a lot on, I find it really helpful.’

Back in 2016 Fiona described the way she heard her bone break in the trampolining accident that led to her presenting the news in her trainers.

The journalist and presenter caused a stir when she was spotted wearing a pair of white sports shoes to read the news.

Bruce told the Radio Times her footwear was chosen because she had broken her foot trampolining with her daughter Mia.

Injured: Fiona explained that she had had an unfortunate accident while horse riding, before starting the debate with her guests

She said: ‘I was about 10 feet up, then I landed and smashed my heel and dislocated the bone above it. 

‘I actually heard it. I was meant to go skiing three weeks later so I was hoping I hadn’t broken it.

‘But it was very painful and it swelled up to the size of my thigh… so I realised I needed help.’

The newsreader underwent emergency surgery and had a five-inch metal screw and a metal bracket inserted into her foot.

She said: ‘I was in a cast for nine weeks and an air boot for six. My surgeon said it will take a year to fully recover and it will never be the same.’

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