Inside Stacey Solomon and daughter Roses joint birthday from doll houses to cake

Stacey Solomon shared adorable photos of her joint birthday celebrations with her daughter on Wednesday.

The television personality and influencer was turning 34 and Rose was turning two. In a series of sweet pictures posted to her Instagram, Stacey has revealed how the family festivities unfolded.

Adorably opting for matching T-shirts with their ages on them in one snap, the mother and daughter posed with balloons behind them.

Stacey added a pair of comfortable cream trousers to her ensemble while Rose wore a sweet pink ruffled skirt.

Doting mother Stacey and her husband Joe Swash got Rose a doll's house as one of her birthday gifts. In another picture of their birthday celebrations, she lay next to her daughter as they played with it.

The influencer, who has recently decorated the door of her affectionately named Pickle Cottage for Autumn, crouched in front of it for a separate photo, grinning with Rose. Adorned with pumpkins and autumnal flowers, the door is a stunning background to any photograph.

Other adorable details from their day included two intricately-decorated pink birthday cakes, cupcakes and a balloon in the shape of a two.

Stacey captioned her post: "34 & 2. The best gift I ever got on my birthday was you Rose. It’s a dream sharing this special day with you. Happy birthday darling girl. 2 years have bloomin flown by.

"And I’m already excited for 18-50. it’ll be here before we know it no doubt! To the moon and back baby girl. We had the best day. Rose LOVED her dolls house so so much."

She continued: "We played ALL morning. It was cake for breakfast. Then Rose had her taster day at nursery & the school mums & my sister took me out for lunch.

"Then we did the school pick ups together in tutus & played some more dolls house with the boys. Now it’s time for dinner and more cake with a side of nail art. Thank you for all of your lovely birthday wishes. love you all xxx"

It comes after Stacey shared the heartfelt gift she created for her Rose ahead of their birthday.

The Loose Women star revealed she'd upcycled a secondhand dolls house for Rose. The mum-of-five took to Instagram to share a video of her giving the dolls house a full makeover, which included painting the exterior, creating new toy furniture and adding different materials to the interior.

Stacey proudly showed off her hard work and told fans she couldn't wait to show Rose her creation.

"To My Darling Rose Mummy has been working on your birthday present, and I finally finished today. I can not wait to show you in the morning. I hope you love it, treasure it and make the best memories to look back on forever & ever. Too the moon & back Rosey Posey," she sweetly penned, before going on to explain what she'd been up to over recent days.

Stacey wrote: "I upcycled a dolls house for Rose’s 2nd birthday…She’s at such a wonderful age where her imagination is just wild. So I found an old preloved dolls house on Facebook market place and did my best to give it a makeover. I’ve been sneaking off to the office at night to try and finish it and today I finally did."

She went on to joke that decorating a dolls house is "harder than a real one", adding: "I can honestly say it’s harder doing up a dolls house than a real one my eyes are sore from squinting & my fingers are numb".

Stacey went on to share her excitement over Rose having her own doll house and her hopes of baby daughter Belle being able to join in the fun when she's older. The proud mum added: "I always dreamed of having a dolls house, so making one for my daughter is an absolute dream.

"I’m so excited to, as she gets older, add cute little accessories and build on it and then Belle can play with it too when she gets bigger made Rose a make up desk for Christmas & she loves it so much I’m honestly so excited to show her this in the morning".

Stacey has pulled out all of the stops for Rose's second birthday, having even dedicated her annual autumn door display to her daughter.

The TV presenter and doting mum of five took to Instagram on Monday to show off her hard work as she created a bespoke door display in her annual autumn tradition. This year saw Stacey dedicate the Instagram-worthy décor for her daughter Rose's, who "loves" pumpkins, upcoming birthday.

Stacey shared a video on Instagram of the transformed Pickle Cottage doorway following a request from Rose who asked for "pink, purple, blue, green and orange".

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