Katie Price kicked off rollercoaster after boobs meant harness wouldn’t close

Katie Price was turned away from a Chessington World of Adventures rollercoaster due to the size of her bosom.

The Sun reports that the 45-year-old former supermodel was at the Surrey-based theme park with her kids at the time, but while trying to strap herself into the swinging suspension ride Vampire, the safety harness wouldn't close fully.

A total of 16 enhancement procedures have been done on Katie's boobs, with the latest implants believed to be in the region of triple the size of an E-cup bra.

An onlooker at Chessington told The Sun: "Normally it's your height that stops you riding rollercoasters, but for Katie it was her boobs. When it came to pulling the straps down to lock her in, it just wouldn't budge.

"Katie tried to get it down but in the end she was told it wasn't safe for her to ride because her boobs were too big. She is a good laugh and took it all in her stride. It was extraordinary to see, though. She ended up coming off and watching the fun instead."

This comes after the mum-of-five spoke exclusively to OK! about her many boob jobs earlier in the year.

"I started my career when they had no social media, no retouching, no airbrushing. The only thing I ever had done was my boobs when I was 18. I was a full-on glamour model for 20 years. I made all my money from my body and I did it all naturally, apart from my boobs," she said.

"I’ve proved a point that I'm body confident and now I'm in my forties I'm doing the opposite – I'm pulling, nipping, tucking and doing whatever I want. And I will carry on. If you get a picture of anyone my age and compare it to how they were when they were young, of course they're going to look different. Of course my body is not as good as it was.

"People have to remember I've had five children. Really, I give myself a pat on the back because I know I've still got it! I still put myself up there – I know I can still smash it in a photoshoot. I think I can hold my own alongside any girl out there when they put me in front of the camera."

Katie then laughed: "I’ve probably had more boob jobs than boyfriends – and that’s a fact! I can’t buy bikinis any more. I have a lady who makes them for me."

You'd be forgiven for thinking that her breasts would prove a daily hindrance for the star, but apparently that's really not the case.

"I can do everything – I lie on my front on sunbeds, I can horse ride," Katie revealed. "I don’t get backache. They don’t stop me from doing anything.

"After Celebrity Big Brother [in 2015], I had my implants taken out for six months due to an infection. It made such a difference with clothes. I could be so much more fashionable and I looked so much slimmer without my boobs. But ultimately I just love big boobs more.

"These are the biggest boobs I've had. They're massive and I love it!"

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