Kevin James Uses Viral 'King of Queens' Meme To Promote Comedy Tour

Kevin James

Kevin James is looking to cash in on his new internet meme fame … by using the viral image to promote his standup comedy act.

The actor and comedian posted “The King of Queens” meme on his social media Wednesday, much to the internet’s delight … using it to plug his new tour.

kevin james instagram post

You’ve probably seen the meme pop up on your feed recently … an old promotional headshot Kevin did for his TV sitcom ‘King of Queens’ back in the ’90s, where he shrugs with both hands in his pockets and displays a sheepish grin.

Folks have been using the old pic to make tons of hilarious memes … and the show’s stars are taking notice. Leah Remini says she “absolutely loves” all the memes, and now Kevin’s piggybacking.

In his post, Kevin says he’s gearing up for his new “Double Hands In The Pocket” tour … which he says is “sheepishly coming to a city near you.”

Kevin’s got upcoming shows in Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Florida and Las Vegas … and it will be interesting to see if his meme gives him a ticket sales bump.

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