Strictlys Bobby Brazier reveals why he split from his ex-girlfriend

Strictly Come Dancing star Bobby Brazier has revealed the real reason that he split with his ex-girlfriend, as he was interviewed for a TikTok video when walking down the street.

Bobby was stopped on the street and asked “when was the last time he had a girl around”, to which Bobby replied: “Probably my ex-girlfriend months ago, I’m a nice person.”

In the video posted by yami_club, the Strictly star was then asked why they were no longer together before Bobby revealed: “It didn’t match my priorities”.

The EastEnders star's last public girlfriend was influencer Liberty Love last year, however have since gone their separate ways.

Bobby, who is the son of Jeff Brazier and the late Jade Goody, now regularly shares life updates and shows off his spiritual side as a passionate advocate for positive mental health and well-being.

The 20-year-old model, who is best known for his role as Freddie Slater in EastEnders, has a new adventure coming up as he will be taking the Strictly dancefloor on Saturday 16 September.

Eagle-eyed Strictly fans are convinced they know which pro dancer Bobby is going to be paired with, following a BBC blunder in a TV trailer for the show.

Fans are saying the star will dance with Dianne Buswell after finding a 'clue' in a TV trailer for the show. Its official Instagram page revealed what happens when the celebs meet their professional dance partners, but without showing the pairings, which are set to be revealed on tonight’s show.

Bobby admitted ahead of his arrival on the dancefloor, he has never watched Strictly Come Dancing before.

Speaking ahead of his first appearance on the hit BBC competition, Bobby said he wants to go as far in the competition as he "possibly can".

The model and actor said: "I want to stay in it and be around these lovely people for as long as I possibly can. And go on that journey with my partner, have the best times, and the worst times, and everything in between. I really want to feel all of those things together. We have a potential for a really, really, really sweet relationship that I’ll cherish forever."

Bobby added that his late mum would be happy that he is "doing something" that makes him "happy."

He said: "Like all my friends and all of my family, and everyone that loves me is. They’re happy for me because they know how much I’m going to enjoy myself and how happy I am to just be here."

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