Taylor Swifts Eras movie still playing in Israel despite political statement

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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert film has been almost as successful as the actual tour.

And it’s still playing in Israel, despite some thinking she’d yanked it to make a political statement.

TMZ reports that the movie will not be pulled anytime soon.

The Eras Tour movie just started hitting cinemas in Israel last week – the first time it’d reached that territory as the international rollout continues.

Many fans were happy to see it.

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However, on Monday some began having technical issues with buying tickets for this week.

Hopefuls going to the now-billionaire’s official website to buy tickets for the Eras movie couldn’t pull up Israeli locations.

When you searched for Israel, the site automatically brought users to other areas in the Middle East, like Lebanon.

As a result, fans started to come up with theories on the halt and jumping to conclusions.

Some speculated that Swift and/or her team had removed the film from the country intentionally, as a way to show their stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Swift is close friends with Gigi Hadid.

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The pair had dinner this past weekend.

Some assumed the supposed removal of the film from Israeli theaters was a result of Hadid getting into Swift’s ear.

However, none of the theories were true.

As of right now, people can access those Israel tickets from her site.

There’s also an explanation for what may have made them inaccessible.

According to TMZ, there’s actually a third-party company that deals with posting Taylor’s worldwide showtimes on her official Eras movie website.

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Therefore, the issue wasn’t something Swift – who continues to make headlines with Travis Kelce – or her team could’ve dealt with themselves.

It’s unclear what the problem was in uploading this week’s showtimes but it was only a delay on the third-party company’s part.

The issue has now been resolved, with showings available for purchase in the Israel area.

So, Swift was not trying to make a political statement.

Plus, it’s been confirmed that Israeli fans could still go to individual Israeli theater chains/sites and purchase tickets there while Swift’s site was down.

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