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A CELEBRITY astrologer has spoken out on the type of person you are based on your handwriting. 

Kyle Thomas is based in Los Angeles, the US, and is known for his cosmic guidance to celebrities. 

Having grown up with this natural gift, he’s always been able to tell the type of person one might be based on their appearance, behaviours and star signs. 

And it turns out handwriting can say a great deal about a person as it gives “insight into one’s personality, emotional state, as well as perspective on the life and the world”. 

Here, Kyle delves into the different characteristics scene in handwriting and how this can inform what type of person you really are… 

The Size of Your Letters

If you write with large letter, this means you are outspoken, excitable, and love to connect with others. You may possess a lot of confidence upfront or you may secretly be craving more attention.

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Meanwhile, if you write with average-sized letters, this typically means you are relaxed, adaptable, open to others, and generally well adjusted.

And small letters mean you are often a bit more timid, meticulous, focused, and shy. You may even be withdrawn and seek to not draw attention to yourself.

The Spacing Between Your Words

The spacing between words in a sentence can be one way in which people share how they feel.

For example, wide spacing mean you enjoy freedom and like to  express yourself and enjoy freedom. 

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You have an expansive side to you, hungering to live without being caged, overwhelmed, or crowded.

If, however, you have narrow spacing then you hunger for connection and do not like to be in solitude or to be alone. 

You like to always be engaged with others so as to not be left by yourself.


More often than not, if you don’t slant your words then you are practical, realistic, grounded, and logical.

You don’t tend to be overpowered by feelings or emotions.

If you slant to the right then you have a zest for life. You tend to enjoy new adventures, experiences, and opportunities. You like to meet new people.

To the left means you tend to be more inwardly focused and keep to yourself. Sometimes this showcases that you like to work behind-the-scenes.

For those who a right handed predominantly, if your handwriting slants left, you may be eager for rebellion or to break out of the box.

Your Writing Pressure

If you apply heavy pressure to your writing, it could mean you’re strong-willed, serious and upfront.

If your writing is excessively heavy, you may be more reactive or dramatic.

Light pressure can reveal a more sensitive, compassionate, and empathic personality. You may be more receptive or careful.

Shape of Letters

Writing with round letters means you are imaginative, creative or artistic. 

If they’re pointed, on the other hand, this can denote you are intelligent, focused, assertive, or intense.

And connected letters can denote you are more precise, methodical, logical, and strategic.

Your Writing Speed

If you write quickly, then you likely like to always be on the go and are fast-paced and impatient.

And if you write on the slow side then you may be more patient, organised, and outlined.

Your Signature

A signature that’s not legible can mean you’re hard to understand by others. You prefer privacy and to not be controlled.

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Meanwhile, if it is legible then you are confident, strong, and secure in yourself. You know who you are and what you bring to the table.

To learn more, check out Kyle's website and Instagram. To support his work, check out his Patreon.

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