I DIYed the cutest pumpkin decor with a cheap TJ Maxx buy – they were fun to make, I’m obsessed with how they turned out | The Sun

TO get in the holiday spirit, a DIYer turned to TJ Maxx for cheap finds that she could transform into festive décor.

A little cut and paste later and she was fall-ready.

Marketing guru Abby Stricklin’s (@abbystricklin) creativity extends to her personal space as well.

As someone who loves making crafts, she prepared for fall in classic fashion: with homemade pumpkin décor.

“Ok back with another craft,” she began in the clip.

“I’ve been seeing this all over TikTok, so I decided to try it myself today.”

She purchased a set of green toile napkins from TJ Maxx and began cutting away.

“Basically, you pull apart the ply of the napkin and you start cutting out the shapes [of the napkin graphics].”

Noting the forest green pumpkin imagery all over the napkins, she said they were perfect for the season.

Step two involved spreading Mod Podge all over the mini, white faux pumpkins she had at home.

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She then put the cut up pieces of the napkin on the pumpkin so that the whole surface was covered in toile, and followed with a top coat of Mod Podge.

“It was very satisfying and very fun.”

Revealing the final product, she said she was “obsessed” with how the pair of pumpkins turned out.

“10/10 recommend.”

Viewers were just as into the look as she was.

“I LOVE THESE,” one person praised, with another echoing, “So cute.”

A third, however, said they were struggling to get the same end product: “So glad yours worked out. I need some help lol.”

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