I got my lip filler dissolved after almost 8 YEARS – now I’ve got a much smaller pout but love my glow down | The Sun

LIP filler dissolving is now taking over TikTok – with the hashtag gaining over 4.2million views. 

It is a treatment in which the filler is removed from the lips so they go back to their natural shape and size. 

And beauty fans are showing their 'before and after' of getting the treatment done. 

Rosalinda is one of them. 

The lash and makeup artist took to TikTok to show off the process of getting her lip filler dissolved after getting her lips done for the past eight years.

Rosalinda revealed that she got it done because she had experienced migration and lawn’t liking her smile anymore. 



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She captioned the video: “What a process, thankful to have that over with.” 

Rosalina explained that the process was painful.

But adds that now her lip filler has “completely dissolved” and that she is “back to my natural lips.”

Rosalinda adds: “They’re small but nothing some lip products can’t help.” 

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The video attracted thousands of likes, with many rushing to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One wrote: “I’m a lip filler girl . I could never get mine dissolved. That's amazing that you can.”

Others complimented her looks and said how youthful she looks after getting the filler dissolved. 

“You look so much younger now, maybe I also need to dissolve mine,” a social media user said.

Another added: “Your natural lips are perfect! Wish mine looked like that naturally! Lol.” 

A third wrote: “You look younger.” 

Whilst a fourth said: “Your cupid's bow is pretty and more pronounced now.” 

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