I let my son get fat so he’s warm for winter – I don’t force feed him but it just gives him that extra layer of energy | The Sun

A BRITISH influencer has made headlines with her TikTok videos on how to save money in the winter, as she revealed she lets her sons get fat to cut down on heating bills.

Klaire de Lys previously made headlines for saying putting bricks in the oven can keep it warmer for longer and that everyone should invest in more blankets, hoodies and woolly socks.

She claimed that she has not needed to use the heating for five years as a result.

Now, the money-saving whizz has made headlines in Austrian media for saying that she lets her sons "get fat to save on heating bills."

In a video shared on social media, she said that she bought one of her sons a massive hoodie that is "like a tent" on him to keep him warm.

Not only this, but she also claimed that she lets her son get fat so that he won't get cold.

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She also said: "And the other thing that I do, which is much more of a success with my youngest than it is with my oldest is, frankly, I just let them get fat over the summer.

"And the reason for that is because I want them to actually carry their insulation with them so they can't strip it off in the middle of the cold."

The mother went on to justify her decision, as she claimed that she won't force feed her children.

She added: "Now that's not to say that I force them to eat because I do want them to learn that balance of when their stomach's like 'no, I'm full'.

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"'You don't need to push me to the point of being uncomfortable'."

The influencer, who has over 30,000 followers on TikTok, added: "I do want them to learn to have a healthy relationship with their food.

"I don't want it to go to extremes one way or another.

"But in winter, it makes an absolutely huge difference because my youngest one really likes his food and it's very easy to get him to eat.

"And I would never force him to eat more than he wants, but in the winter, he's the one who is hardly ever cold."

Klaire de Lys, whose posts have nearly one million likes, said that the natural extra layer also provides a reserve of energy and that she is not worried when her youngest gets sick, which is not the case with her eldest.

Social media users were open-mouthed at the woman's advice, but could see the 'logic'.

One woman wrote: "Honestly very grounded logic."

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Whilst a second chimed in: "Thank you! I bought the hoodie and she throws it off. Sensitive to tight clothes sensitive to tight & over loose! Thanks for video."

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