I was confused as to why my neighbour asked me out on a date – until I realised the creepy truth, I’m so embarrassed | The Sun

A WOMAN has recalled how her confusion over her neighbour asking her on a date turned into a mortifying realisation. 

The brunette beauty often uses her social media account to share snippets from her life as a 25 year old student. 

In one such video, she could be seen with her curly mane down as she stared at the outside of her home in disbelief. 

“I just realised everyone can see me showing cuz of how clear I can see my shampoo and conditioner from the outside,” she wrote over this with a crying emoji. 

She then flipped the camera to show what it actually looks like

Viewers could see pink, white and black bottles all lined up by the shower window.

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As TikTok user @daddydevitoyum zoomed in on the area, it was clear to see how people passing by would be able to see her outline in the shower. 

She then flipped the camera around to show her covering her face in complete shock over the realisation. 

In the caption, the horrified woman added: “No wonder my neighbour wanted to get dinner”. 

People were quick to comment as one person wrote: “It's because they are close to the window. Still though…” 

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She replied: “If you can see the outline of the pole you can see a boob”. 

Another said: “NOOOOOO how your neighbors not gonna let u know, they're so wrong for that ugh”. 

A third posted: “bothers me how many people are clueless how you can see everything when its night out and you have light in your room”.

“I can almost guarantee that you have regulars coming to enjoy the show bc this seems scarily accessible,” another claimed, followed by a crying emoji.

To this, she replied: “You know what, at least it’s a good show I ain’t hear any complaints”. 

Another asked her how long she’d been living there, to which she replied: “I can almost guarantee that you have regulars coming to enjoy the show bc this seems scarily accessible”. 

And others suggested she get a privacy screen installed to prevent people from seeing her in there.

But one warned her: “Btw if you do go the privacy screen route—most DO NOT WORK AT NIGHT!!” 

According to The Spruce, there are several methods to ensure you can’t be seen from the outside with a window in the bathroom. 

The first route you could take is a vinyl covering that sticks to the window glass without an adhesive. 

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However, they added: “Static cling covers will occasionally fall down, but many can easily be reapplied. After a while, mould and mildew may develop between the covers and the glass.” 

You could try getting a frosted acrylic obscure panel or try frosted glass spray paint. They also suggested replacing the window with glass blocks so that it “brings in natural light and increases privacy”.

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