I'm a 34DD and struggle to find backless tops – I love my amazing Oh Polly find, I've never been sucked in so much | The Sun

A BUSTY fashionista has found the perfect backless top for fuller chests.

She said she loves her find from Oh Polly, adding that it flatters her figure.

Camille Austin (@camilleoaustin) filmed herself discussing the holy grail top in a video on TikTok.

"I need you to stop and buy this top. It is from Oh Polly," she urged viewers.

"I am a 34DD," she added.

She said she's never seen a top support her chest the way the backless top did.

"I've never been sucked in so much like I could cry," she said.

"I struggle so much to find things that are backless that I don't require me to wear that painful, annoying a** tape.

"It's just a process. Taping your t*ts. It's one more extra thing you got to do before you get dressed.

"Listen, if you want a top that you could just throw on, I don't know what kind of spank material they got going on in here. Oh, my God. It is amazing. Oh Polly, get it," she added.

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The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"Girl, you’ve influenced me," one viewer wrote.

"I wanna see you when get it in," Camille replied.

"The coverage yet open back," another viewer added of the Oh Polly backless top.

"Looks good on you," yet another commented.

"Omg love, please do more videos of flattering outfits for bigger chests," one more said.

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