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A SKINCARE whizz has revealed the beauty items worth grabbing at Primark and the ones you should keep on the shelf.

Natalie O'Neill, from the UK, revealed which buys are worth your money on social media.

The beauty pro regularly shares skincare advice on her social media account, sharing her two cents on brands and ingredients.

In the clip, Natalie said: "Do you ever walk into Primark and think is any of this beauty s**t actually good?

"Well, let's do a smash or pass on all of Primark's beauty so you can know which things genuinely are a bargain and which things you should probably skip."

The first item under investigation was the exfoliating face scrub which included tea tree and witch hazel.



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The £2.50 product was a pass for Natalie as she explained physical exfoliants often move bacteria around your face creating more acne.

To top it off, the witch hazel and tea tree oil are bound to irritate your skin.

Natalie spotted an exfoliating tan removal mitt and said this was the best way to remove fake tan and is a staple in her beauty routine.

"I was looking like hot tiger bread until I found this," she added.

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The beauty whizz also picked up the cuticle oil which she was a fan of.

We all know makeup wipes aren't good for you or the environment – but having a pack in your bag is handy for emergencies.

If you do plan on picking up a bag in your Primark trip, Natalie recommends avoiding any with essential oils or fragrances.

Another hit for Natalie was the exfoliating gloves – but she warned these should be strictly used for the body, not the face.

Primark have jumped on the trend of putting skincare into capsules, including retinol.

While retinol is great for a multitude of skin issues – Natalie says your best spending an extra fiver on a full tub rather than buying the seven single-use capsules available in Primark.

"To see improvement from using retinol and the anti-ageing benefits that it can offer you're gonna need to use it more than seven times," she explained.

Next, Natalie reviewed the Bobbi Brown face primer dupe which costs £4.50, while she said it probably will make your face look smooth it does have essential oils and fragrances which can irritate the skin.

The beauty whizz also wasn't a fan of the cotton hair wraps claiming they did nothing to dry her hair.

Lastly, she headed to the bath section and pointed out the bath bombs adding:" Bath bombs are great… if you want thrush."

The clip posted to her account @natalie_oneillll has since gone viral with over 1million views and over 140k likes.

People were quick to share their thoughts in the comments section.

One person wrote: "Their capsules are great for plane travel and liquid limits."

Another commented: "I use the Bobbi brown dupe and it really helps my skin."

"Primark hair wraps are shocking never again," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Can you do more of these, very helpful thank you."

"Please do more of these!” claimed a fifth.

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Someone else added: "Have to disagree Bobby Brown dupe is really good."

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