I'm a gardening whizz & my clever cardboard trick helps to repress weeds in an instant – plus it’s totally free | The Sun

FROM creeping through cracks in the driveway to sprouting through flowerbeds, pesky weeds will always find a way to appear.

But that could soon be a problem of the past as a gardening whizz has revealed the clever way she keeps her weeds at bay – using cardboard boxes.

Emma, who regularly shares gardening tips and tricks online, answered a question she's often asked by social media users: "Why do I use cardboard as a mulch in my allotment plot?"

In a clip shared to TikTok (@emmasallotmentdiaries), the gardening guru reveals the answer, explaining: "Well, not only is it easy to get my hands on, but it's great at suppressing weeds and attracting those lovely worms."

However, she goes on to warn that you must remember to remove all sticky labels and sticky tape, before placing it on your soil.

"I always make sure I don't leave any gaps because weeds can grow through those," she adds.


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"And then I water my cardboard as well, which just helps it to break down quicker."

Emma concludes by explaining how she simply covers the cardboard mulch with multi-purpose compost.


"I'm not going to plant into this until next spring but if you want to plant on it sooner you can because roots can go through cardboard," she adds.

The cardboard trick is ideal for anyone looking for a non-chemical, more "organic" approach to killing weeds.

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The post quickly racked up a whopping 40k views and several comments, with gardening fans rushing to the comments section,

"This is good to know, thanks!" praised one.

A second enthused: "So smart!"

A third penned: "Good!"

Meanwhile, a fourth asked: "Can I plant my bulbs now and then put the cardboard on top?"

Emma replied: "Plants will grow through the cardboard so you can!

"I’d be inclined to mulch with just compost and manure if you want to plant bulbs though."

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