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STUNNING Mikala Eade has proven she’s hot stuff, by joining up her career aspirations with her new job – as a welder. 

The 23-year-old broke stereotypical norms with her manual job and says it proves women can do anything they like.

She stumbled upon the engineering department as she looked around colleges after leaving school, before becoming a fully qualified welder  

Mikala, the only female throughout her time at college and at work, said: “There are two sides to me, and I love that I can do both. You don't have to choose one thing or anything.  

"I love getting dressed up and going out for nice dinners and finding any excuse to buy myself a new dress, and I also love getting stuck in and getting my hands dirty at work.  

"I'm also really into cars and love going to car shows.  

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"It's so funny when people ask me what I do for work and see their faces when I tell them that I am a welder. They are always so shocked and say that I don't look like a welder.  

"I guess when they think of a welder, they imagine it to be a more masculine job, whereas I am tiny at just 5ft 2.  

"I think I am the total opposite of what people will have in their head if they think of someone who is a welder.  

"However, I love proving that girls can be anything they want to be and that it doesn't matter about gender.

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"I never actually planned on being a welder, it just happened, but it is the best thing I have ever done."

Mikala, from West Sussex, England, UK, had no idea what she wanted to do after leaving school and decided to sign up for an engineering course as she thought it looked cool.  

After completing the general engineering level, she went on to specialise in welding and fabrications, becoming fully qualified two years ago.  

She added: "I've been a full-time welder since 2021.  

"When I arrived for my interview for my job, people assumed I was interviewing for one of the office roles until they saw me turn up a couple of weeks later in my overalls and safety boots.  

"I was the only girl doing engineering during my time at college, and even at work now, I am the only woman in the workshop.  

"I think people assumed that I wouldn't be willing to get my hands dirty when they first saw me, so I felt like I had to prove that I wanted to work and that I would be good at what I was doing.

"Being a woman in this industry, you just know that there will be certain comments made along the way, but you just have to learn to rise above them. There's usually one negative person to ten positive people who support you.  

"In the workshop, I have my hair tied back, no make-up on, and wear my overalls and safety boots. So, I think if people from work saw me when I was ready to go out for a nice meal, they would be shocked to see that different side of me.  

"I always knew I didn't want to be sat at a desk and that I wanted to do something practical.  

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"Becoming a welder is the best decision I ever made – I absolutely love it."

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