I’ve got to groom arm hair it’s so long – trolls say they want to ‘throw up when they see it’, I don’t care | The Sun

A WOMAN has hit back at haters after revealing she has very long arm hair that she smooths down before every outing. 

Alee often uses her social media account to share her top fashion and skincare hacks. 

In one clip, she could be seen dressed in a black T-shirt and blue shorts as she picked up a bottle of body cream. 

She then placed some of it onto the palm of her hand before spreading it over her forearms, positioning the hair downwards.

“I’m just a girl that has to fix her arm hair every time before going out,” followed by a kiss emoji. 

In the caption, she added: “It's essential at this point”. 

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And people flocked to the comments to share their thoughts, including one troll who said: “Wait I’m gonna throw up,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji. 

Taken aback by this response, TikTok user @sincerelyaale shared a second video to hit back at the haters. 

“I am truly surprised by the amount of women that think this is wrong… well that doesn’t surprise me. And the amount of men that think it’s gross,” she said. 

“A lot of positive comments and don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy about that. 

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“But a lot of comments saying, ‘cut it, shave it, don’t complain, ew, it’s gross’.” 

Alee went on to say that she’s never met anyone with forearm hair as long as hers and it’s even impacted her dating life. 

She went on: “If you just think about it, it’s just hair. I don’t get why hair that doesn’t come from your head is such a big deal.” 

But it’s not all bad as many women message her to thank her for being so open about her arm hair. 

“I didn’t know that so many people were self-conscious about hair on their body,” she went on.

Alee said she has hair on her chest too, which has been “harder” to accept. 

She said: “I just learned that it’s just a unique part of myself.” 

People were quick to comment as one person wrote: “are you serious?! I saw your video and as someone with a lot of arm hair too I loved seeing you!! people are so mean”.

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Another said: “Its perfectly normal and cute.”

While a third added: “It’s okey to have hair in our arms. It’s normal”.

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