My $24 boob job was the best money I ever spent – you can get it on Amazon, it won't fall off during the day | The Sun

A SAVVY shopper has given her boobs a boost without spending thousands.

She called her Amazon purchase a "boob job," which cost under 30 dollars.

Cameron Vanhorn (@camvanhornn) filmed herself trying out the buy on TikTok.

She wore a red crop top and a white maxi skirt to demonstrate the product.

Text over the video read: "$24 boob job."

She pulled out a sticky bra with padded cups for added fullness.

Cameron put on the bra, showing how it created a curvier silhouette under her crop top.

The brassiere even comes with nipple covers for added coverage and retails on sale for $24 on Amazon.

"Best $24 I've ever spent," she added in the caption.

The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

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"May I ask does it slip off during the day?" one asked.

"No, it doesn’t," Cameron replied.

The "boob job" is called the Niidor Adhesive Bra, a strapless piece that sticks into place.

The product has received rave reviews from other shoppers on Amazon.

"These are super soft and the sticky part doesn't bother at all. It holds well and looks nice when wearing open dresses and tops," one said.

"This is the first sticky bra that has ever worked on my boobs," another added. "I am a 38DD and it stayed on all night at a party and I was sweating lol."

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