My easy shower-cleaning hack keeps your faucet sparkling with no hard water stains – but some say there's an easier way | The Sun

A HOMEOWNER has revealed how he keeps the faucets sparkling without splurging on expensive cleaning products.

He used an item many people already have in their homes to banish hard water stains.

A couple, who posts under the handle @victorias.way, have garnered over 8,800 followers on TikTok.

The pair often share their cleaning hacks, recipes, and share a glimpse into their family life as they make sweet memories with their son.

Victoria’s husband demonstrated how he uses a regular candle to remove hard water stains from their faucets.

The text over the video read: “Rub all the faucets thoroughly with the candle wax.

“Then rub them with a cloth and you will see the result. No more hard water stains.”

He rubbed a white candle back and forth over the stains on the faucet before using an ordinary cloth to polish it.

He then poured a small cup of water over the faucet to wash away the excess candle wax. 

It looked visibly cleaner and shined like new.

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The post came in response to a comment on a previous video that shared the hack alongside two other tips.

The couple had suggested adding essential oils to toilet paper and shared a DIY cleaning solution that can be used as an alternative for removing hard water stains.

They mixed vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, and dish soap to make an effective liquid that easily washes away the unsightly marks.

The videos racked up thousands of views and likes from people who were eager to try the tips for themselves. 

Many commenters thanked the couple for sharing the candle wax hack and spoke about cleaning methods of their own.

One person wrote: “Waxed paper works just as well.”

Another said: “Newspaper works too, also on windows and mirrors.”

A third chimed in: “Bar soap works great too and right next to the sink!”

A fourth added: “So simple, so brilliant.”

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