People think I'm WAY older & are stunned when they find out my real age – I never felt like I looked old until now | The Sun

A MUM who people thought was in her late 30s and 40s has left social media users stunned after revealing her true age.

Homeschooling fan only known as Chelsea took to TikTok to hit back at the meanies, who were convinced she was older than her years.

According to the mum, believed to be from the USA, she had received comments of trolls saying she looked ''36'', with some even going as far as ''45''.

Sitting in a messy hairdo, clear-frame glasses and a cosy sweatshirt, Chelsea claimed that she wasn't 36 – in fact, she hadn't even hit the big 30 yet.

Although the busy mum admitted that she had spotted her first grey hairs, she couldn't believe strangers thought she was already approaching her 40s.

''I've seen 36-year-olds who look younger than me but I don't even feel like I dress like a 36-year-old.

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''I don't feel like I give off 36-year-old vibes,'' she went on in the video.

''In my mind and body I still feel like I'm 16,'' the mum chuckled, noting that she would occasionally experience pain in her knees.

''I still feel like I'm a teen mum with three boys.''

According to her, she didn't have an issue with people saying she looked 36 – it's simply that she just didn't feel that way, and neither did anyone in her family, as her true age is actually 29.

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Totally gobsmacked by this fact, thousands of social media users raced to comments to share their initial guesses and the 'clues' they had relied on.

One person said: ''Really not trying to be rude but I think its the hairstyle, glasses, and deeper nasolabial folds.''

Another agreed, adding: ''Hair, smile lines and you look tired. But hey I’m 36 and there is nothing wrong with it.''

Someone else chimed in: ''I’m 45 and I thought we were definitely in the same age bracket at least.''

''It is the hair. My grandmother who was born in 1913 used to wear her hair like that!'' a fourth penned.

However, Chelsea, who added she'd never comment on anyone's age, firmly assured she was in her late 20s.

''I don't look that different than I did at 25 and I'm 29 now.

''I don't see the changes that are happening day to day, and I feel like it might all catch up to me one day.''

The stunning mum-of-three, who posts under the username @chelsalay, also couldn't be more excited to enter her 30s era.

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''I can't wait to be 36. I feel like when I hit my 30s, I'm gonna be 30, flirty, and thriving.

''That's, like, literally all I want in life.''

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