Primark fans spot gorgeous coat – but there’s a huge catch which has left them ‘screaming’ | The Sun

PRIMARK fans are ‘screaming’ at a brand new coat – but not in a good way.

So if you’re a Primark fan, you’ll need to listen up and pay attention.

A fashion fan named Charlie revealed that she was shopping in Primark in Manchester, when she spotted a grey coat that caught her eye.

Charlie liked the 50% wool blend coat, but was not a fan of the £60 price tag.

Stunned at the price of the coat, Charlie took to social media to alert other shoppers.

She claimed: “Screaming, crying, throwing up. Who do Primark think they are?”

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As she showed off the coat, she continued: “I’m just in Primark at the moment and what in the actual Zara pricing is this?

“So I saw this coat and I was like ‘oh that’s actually quite nice for Primark, that’s actually a half decent coat, I would wear that’.

“I come to look at the label – £60?!

“I’m sorry but does no-one else remember when Primark coats used to literally cost like £10?” 

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Charlie later explained: “I bought my coat in Zara for the same price last month!!”

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @charlie.paddy just 19 hours ago, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed 285,100 views.

But social media users were divided at the clip – while some were disgusted at the price, others thought it was justified for the wool material. 

One person said: “Primark has become so expensive that I will never shop there . Better off spending the extra bit of money to get way better quality elsewhere.”

Charlie then replied: “It’s crazy!! I got a coat in Zara for the same price.”

Another added: “What is the cost of living pricing is this!!! Primark you were supposed to be there to see us through the hard times, not put us in a hard time!”

A third commented: “What has my actual life become when I’m being priced out of PRIMARK?!” 

Meanwhile, someone else penned: “I agree Primark prices have gone up but that cost is 50% wool. That would be £150+ less where. Real wool is pricey but awesome!”

A second chimed in: “£60 for a wool jacket is not bad.”

Whilst another shopper claimed: “Did you realise it’s not made out of polyester but mix wool? They had to make it more expensive.”

At the same time, a fashionista wrote:“Okay but it's 50% wool.”

In response, Charlie replied: “The other 50% better be solid gold.”

Charlie later explained: “I used to love my £20 primark hauls.The material is deffo better but I’d 100% rather pay that price somewhere else!”

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