The £1 heating hack that will keep your home warm this winter without increasing the thermostat – plus two other tips | The Sun

WITH the temperature dropping and heating bills still well higher than usual, many of us will be looking for nifty tricks to keep our homes as warm as possible without having to shell out a fortune. 

So one helpful influencer has shared his simple hacks for keeping your place toasty without your energy use rocketing – and you can implement one for as cheap as £1. 

Noah Da Boa is a lifestyle influencer who regularly shares informative clips about everything from holidaying to side hustles with his 1.8 million TikTok followers on his account @NoahXBoa. 

And in a recent video, he shared three simple ways you can keep your house as snug as possible now the weather has taken a turn. 

His first clever recommendation is to “move your sofa and any objects away from the radiator”. 

While it’s natural to want to sit as close as you can to your heater, placing your sofa too close can mean the hot air is absorbed, while moving it a few inches away will allow the warm air to “circulate freely around your room”. 

Noah’s second tip is to “add some reflective panels behind your radiator”. 

If you don’t want to splash out on specialised ones, tinfoil has pretty much the same effect – and you can pick that up from your local supermarket for less than £1. 

The reflective material helps ensure that your radiator “isn’t just heating the walls” by bouncing the hot air back and helping it spread throughout the whole room. 

The home whizz’s final suggestion is to “open your curtains during the sunny hours of the day and close them when it gets dark”. 

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This heats up the house when the sun’s rays are at their strongest, and then helps insulate it when the sun goes in and the temperature plummets. 

Noah’s video quickly racked up almost 75k likes, with viewers sharing their thanks for the helpful hacks in the comment section. 

“Bro’s gonna be the best dad,” one user joked. 

“Ya, we need more,” another pleaded. 

If you’re looking for more tips to keep toasty this winter, check out this woman’s essential buys that she claims have allowed her to leave her heating off for the past FIVE years. 

Klaire De Lys says that thrifting blankets, hot-water bottles and woolly socks mean she remains snug throughout the colder months while racking up minimal energy bills. 

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