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BUYING a new house can be an exciting venture to undertake, especially after all the paperwork is done.

But when it comes to decorating, it’s easy to make mistakes and turn a large and bright room into a cramped space.

That’s where the experts come in, including John Cutts from Me and My Glass and Giverny Simm, who is the lead designer of interior design agency Studio Howes.

“People can get carried away while decorating by going for the maximalist approach, resulting in their homes appearing smaller and becoming an eyesore to look at,” Cutts told Fabulous during an exclusive interview.

Instead, he believes people should take on a minimalist approach to widen the home and “make it feel more inviting” as too much clutter can make a space look both unpleasant and be uncomfortable to live in.

Here, the experts tell Fabulous exactly what people should avoid doing in their homes…

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Choosing colours wisely

John Cutts and Giverny Simm said dark walls make a space look crampedCredit: Getty
You should opt for lighter wood floors over dark ones in smaller spacesCredit: Getty

Before moving any furniture into a room, the first thing people do is paint. But with so many colours available, what do you choose?

According to Cutts and Simm, the worst thing you can do is opt for a dark colour as this can make a room look tiny.

“Bold colours like reds, purples and dark blues should be avoided as they can make the space feel enclosed,” Cutts explained. “Opt for lighter colours like whites or pale greens to remove the boxy feel of a room and make it feel more spacious.

Simm agreed with this, explaining that lighter and softer hues help avoid the “feeling of confinement.

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“Consider using calming tones of blue and green to infuse colour without overwhelming the room,” she said.

Flooring is just as important though as Cutts shared: “People make the mistake of using darker wood in small rooms which can tighten up the space.

“Use light wood in smaller areas to make it feel more breathable, then save the darker wood for larger, open-plan spaces.”

Think about mirrors

We all love a mirror – whether they’re placed to make a room look aesthetically pleasing or to just have an outfit check before heading out.

But you can go wrong with what size and shape of mirror, let alone where you place it in a room.

Cutts explained that one of the biggest mistakes people make is believing “bigger is better”.

He shared: “A larger mirror can work well in rooms with a minimalist aesthetic and in certain areas of the home, like bathrooms where it can make a great statement piece.

“However, if it’s put in a small bedroom, it can make the space feel cramped and untidy.”

Meanwhile, irregular-shaped mirrors such as wavy designs or hearts can be “unflattering to stand in front of”.

And Cutts strongly advised against placing mirrors above beds, especially oval-shaped ones as “the mismatch of bed frames and mirror shape will clash and make a room look messy and confused”.

Simm added: “Strategically placed mirrors and carefully designed lighting can significantly open up a space.

“Position mirrors opposite natural light sources to reflect light throughout the room, instantly expanding its perception of size.”

Sofa placement

Where and how you place the sofa can either make a room look large and spacious or very cramped.

Cutts said one way to make a small room look bigger is to place sofas away from windows in a bid to allow natural light to come in.

Not only will this make the space feel more breathable, but it will also open up the size of the room.

Much like bed frames, he added that you shouldn’t place mirrors above sofas either as it “can make the space look and feel tight”.

He went on: “Try to keep furniture separated from each other where possible otherwise, it can make the room look tiny.

“Make sure there’s a clear pathway in the room with tables, sofas and shelves spread out to avoid making the room feel cramped.”

Meanwhile, Simm shared that you should avoid “bulky, angular designs” when choosing your furniture.

“Instead go for armless chairs or ottomans, which create more open pathways and improve sight-lines within the room,” she added.

Material choices

While it’s easy to go for wooden tables and chairs in the living room or dining room, it’s best to opt for transparent materials when you’re decorating a small space.

Simm explained that furniture that has glass tops can be a great addition to a room, making it look a lot more spacious than it might actually be.

“Choose furniture with clear or glass tops, such as coffee tables or dining tables,” she said.

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“These materials allow light to pass through, creating an illusion of a brighter and more spacious room.”

This can also apply to chairs, too, with hard plastic chairs becoming a popular trend over the past few years.

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