Clean tough grease stains from a stove easily ‘without harsh chemicals’

Cleaning a stovetop can be a frustrating experience as grease, oil, and food can easily build up on grates if not cleaned properly for too long. 

Grease is unfortunately part of using a kitchen, but the longer grease sits on a stove the harder it is to remove those stubborn splatters and tough stains.

Cleaning a stovetop should be done frequently since it is used to cook food, and if left it can cause bacteria to build up, making it a dirty area to cook in and increasing the risk of someone falling ill. 

Luckily, it is incredibly easy to remove grease and clean your stovetop properly. All it takes is some simple kitchen items that you likely already have sitting in your home. 

Chantel Mila Ibbotson is a home organization and cleaning expert who has shared she has an easy solution to getting rid of grease so that your stovetop “looks new again.”

@mama_mila_ Save this video when doing your monthly stovetop deep clean ✨ this method is my go-to and makes cleaning tough grease off the stovetop so much easier + without harsh chemicals. Hope this was helpful x #stovetopcleaning #kitchencleaning #kitchenclean #hometips #cleaninghacks ♬ Sia – Xeptemper

In a video online, Chantel explained that a stove should be cleaned at least once a month. She said: “This method is my go-to and makes cleaning tough grease off the stovetop so much easier and without harsh chemicals.”

In order to properly remove grease, you will need washing-up liquid, baking soda, hot water, a lemon, and a scrubber. 

To begin, fill up your sink with hot water and add washing-up liquid. Remove the grates and let them soak in the sink. Chantel explained this would “soften any built-up grease” and make it easier to clean. 

Next, it is time to clean the burners. Fill a bowl with boiling water and half a cup of baking soda. Cut a lemon in half and also place it in a bowl, and leave the burners to soak for around an hour. 

While both the grates and burners are soaking, you can make a simple homemade paste to clean the stove with. Mix baking soda and dish soap together and apply this paste to your stove and countertops which may have grease stains on them. 

Chantel said that this mixture is “so great at removing tough grease.” She added: “This mix can also be applied to the base of your burner to get rid of all that burnt-up mess.”

Leave the paste for around five minutes, and then the grease should have softened and can now be easily scrubbed off. Wash down your stove top with soapy hot water and then place both the burner and grates back on.

According to Chantel, your stovetop should now be sparkling and will look brand new once again. 

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