Gran, 76, wows with age-defying bikini body after ditching sweet food from diet

A gran revealed the secrets to looking fabulous in her 70s.

Carolyn Hartz says people "can't believe" her age because she is so active. She also looks incredible in a bikini – with Instagram fans branding her "amazing", "stunning" and "inspirational".

So how does she do it? As well as staying fit by playing tennis and doing pilates, the Perth-based businesswoman gets plenty of sleep.

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But the biggest game-changer for Carolyn was giving up sugar in her 40s. After being diagnosed as pre-diabetic and hypoglycaemic, she decided to ditch the sweet stuff.

The 76-year-old hasn't looked back since – and banishes her cravings by eating xylitol instead. The sugar substitute is derived from natural plants like birch trees and corn cobs.

Carolyn swears by the sugar alternative so much that it sparked a business idea. She brought the product to Australia and launched a company called Sweet Life.

The shop sells a range of sugar-free alternatives like cake and cookie mix. She also shares healthy recipes on Instagram, where she boasts more than 75,000 followers.

And the entrepreneur has even released her own cookbook to help others who want to cut back on sugar too.

Carolyn told “I’ve always advocated for finding an alternative rather than completely abstaining from a type of food many crave, such as sweets, because deprivation never works.

“You end up craving it all the more, and your efforts more often than not are up-ended within a few months.”

Carolyn, a former flight attendant, model and deportment coach, hopes to inspire others to live life to the full – especially in their later years.

Her website adds: "Fitness and a healthy mind, have always been an important aspect of Carolyn’s life.

"A state basketballer, and masters tennis player, Carolyn has represented Western Australia and her sporting clubs at top-level, continuing to practice yoga and pilates, walking and playing tennis as part of her daily lifestyle today.

"Proof that you’re never too old to start anything new, Carolyn only implemented regular meditation, yoga and pilates in her late 60s!"

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