Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Friday, November 17


You’re itching to get started on something new. You also know someone is expecting you to leave some jobs unfinished as you often do. They are about to be surprised as you insist on tying up all loose-ends before moving on to other things.


Progress in a work or personal project will be infuriatingly slow. Keep at it. You will get there in the end. Someone close is in a petty frame of mind. Their mood isn’t going to change so you might prefer to seek out company elsewhere.


You only have to make a small contribution to a team effort and the reward could be significant. Sharing your talents with others will be a lot of fun. Your ability to offer something fresh and exciting will result in a great offer or opportunity.


You really don’t have to analyse every thought and feeling. Sometimes it’s good to heed your instincts. It doesn’t matter what anyone else might have to say. This is your life and explanations aren’t always necessary. Let your heart rule the way.


Friends and newcomers in your life will be happy to share their news, views and opinions on all sorts of interesting topics. Be ready to present your own ideas to people who might help you achieve your goals. An offer will sound strange but exciting. It will take a few days before everything sinks in.


Be ready to act when the chance comes your way to achieve a personal objective. You have had plenty of time to consider your aims carefully so you can’t say you don’t feel ready. Anything you start on now will be connected with future plans you have been discussing recently.


Someone you have been associated with has a reputation for being unreliable and deceitful. Now that you have found this out you will want to be more selective about the company you keep. Mixing with kind and generous people will help improve your public and private lives.


Before dismissing something someone tells you as nonsense, think about it. If you listen carefully you will realise their words do make a lot of sense. Ideas that are shared could turn out to be profitable. A close friendship should be given priority.


Frustration is mounting and this has something to do with increased domestic and family responsibilities. You want the best for your nearest and dearest but you can’t do everything. Instead of pushing yourself too hard, delegate tasks to relatives and housemates.

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You will work better when left to your own devices mainly because you will prefer to get on at your own pace. Even so, when a friend or workmate stumbles upon a problem, you will be the first to lend a hand and help them sort it out.


Benefits will come and progress will be made through your willingness to cooperate with the people around you. New ideas a colleague comes up with will speed up efficiency. It will feel satisfying to help create efficient systems and more effective policies.


Your self-confidence may have taken a knock recently. If plans have failed, ideas haven’t worked or someone has let you down, stop worrying too much about what other people might say. You have tremendous inner strength. Draw on this now.

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