I was £150k in debt as nurse – but now Im a millionaire thanks to sexy pics

A nurse bounced back to become a millionaire – and it's all thanks to her saucy side hustle.

Laycee Steele, 32, had to find a way to pay for her medical bills after doctors discovered several benign growths in her body. She didn't qualify for financial help, so she started selling pictures online to raise the money needed for her surgery.

In just three months, she managed to raise half of the funds required and took out a second mortgage to cover the rest. After recovering from her operation, Laycee continued with her profitable new venture, quickly paying off her remaining $90,000 (£74,000) debt.

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The model from Iowa, US, now earns the equivalent amount each month and boasts a net worth of $2million (£1.65million). "It's honestly crazy how life has played out," Laycee, who shares updates with her 16,000 Instagram followers (@layceesteele), said.

She completed her nursing degree but found she didn't enjoy the profession. "I did the job for three years, making $60,000 (£49,000) a year. It was long hours, 16-hour shifts, no work-life balance and a lot of sadness and sickness around you all the time."

She's now 'relieved' to have been able to pay her debt off in six months by doing her new job. "Not having the weight of the debt on me anymore feels amazing," she expressed. "After I got sick, I was so sure I was going to lose everything I had worked so hard for. I was truly desperate, wracking my brain for a way to keep it all together."

She admits it 'took her a little while to get in a groove' but said she 'bought every training guide she could find and finally her page started growing'.

"I had to learn how to really be myself and engage with my fans to grow my own little community on there," she said. "I never thought I'd have the lifestyle I do today. I like spending my money on experiences I'm not big on shopping or name-brand clothes."

Talking about a possible partner, she added: "I wouldn't care if someone lives with me, but I'm not going to pay for every dinner and vacation, you don't want them to be living off you, you want them to be building with you.

"My job takes me to Australia, New Zealand, all over the US and around the world, so I don't have time for anyone who doesn't fit into that and fully support my wild adventures.

"I could only consider entertaining someone who had the passion and ability to travel because sometimes I go away once or twice a month. Being single is easier but I wouldn't mind finding someone special to settle down and share my life with.

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