Men love when I pour pumpkin spice latte over body – its messy but worth it

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    Autumn is finally here which means Halloween is creeping up right around the corner.

    Now as the colder season is in full swing, it means pumpkin spice lattes are back on the menu too. While many people love sipping the brew, others like doing other things with it.

    An escort revealed how she's taken the trend to a whole new level as kinky clients request her to slather herself with the sweet drink. Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Abbie*, not her real name, revealed all about the trend.

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    She's an escort for the leading social network platform for sex workers, Kaufmich, so it's normal to cater to a wide range of kinky requests. And as we're in autumn, clients with a sploshing kink turn to a favourite ingredient.

    She said: "I usually see clients with a love for the sploshing kink (whereby copious amounts of a substance is applied to a person's naked body) turn to a new favourite ingredient… Yep, things get spicy with pumpkin spice lattes!

    "My sessions all vary, depending on the type of service my client is looking for. Some ask that I smother myself in this autumnal refreshment, rub it all over my body, erotically drink endless pumpkin spice lattes.

    "They also like it when I let the liquid drop down on me, lay and roll in pools of it, describe the drink's taste and more. Obviously, this is a messy task!

    "I usually cover my bathroom in plastic sheets (bathrooms are much easier to clean up) and throw them away afterwards. I hop straight in the shower and never use towels to pat myself down before I've washed."

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    Abbie revealed how some clients even ask to join in, while others take over as she sits and watches. She claimed a lot of customers like the feeling of humiliation that comes from being naked and covered in pumpkin spice lattes.

    She admitted: "The process of getting everything I need for these sessions is always interesting! I usually don't go to the same coffee house two times in a row (they would think I'm weird).

    "Usually, around 15 will do the trick. Although, if the client is wanting to get involved too or have a more intense experience, I might find myself doubling that."

    Speaking about the fetish, Abbie revealed how some clients ask for a more personalised experience and prefer to have their name written on the takeaway cups.

    "Attention to detail is key and I always deliver a top-tier service, no matter how niche that experience might be," she concluded.

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