No matter what I do, every woman I date puts me in the friend zone | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: IF friend-zoning were an Olympic sport, I’d win a gold medal every time.

For some reason, all the single women I go on dates with decide  they just want to be my mate. 

I’m a 26-year-old guy. I’m not bad looking, I have a decent job and my friends tell me I’ve got a nice personality and a good sense of humour.

So why do women end our first date with, “I enjoyed our time together . . . but I don’t feel a romantic connection?”

I offer to pay, I have  good table manners, I ask questions and look interested. 

I don’t believe I smell.

When I go on a date, my intention is to find romance. I don’t date to make friends – I already have plenty of those.

I feel like giving up. Maybe I’ll be single forever. 

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DEIDRE SAYS: Maybe, rather than going on a date with a stranger, you need to try the opposite approach.

Make friends with women you already have something in common with – a hobby or interest, for example – and then see if romantic feelings develop as you grow closer.

The best relationships usually start as friendships. 

There’s nothing wrong with you. Internet dating  has made women and men ultra-choosy. 

It’s  also possible frustration is coming across as desperation, which won’t help. My support pack, Finding The Right Partner For You, should be useful.


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