Optical illusion is ‘weirdly accurate’ at predicting the rest of 2023

A fun optical illusion claims to be able to predict how the rest of the year will turn out for you based on your personality.

Viewers first look at the psychological picture and decide what they see, which you either look like a shark with big teeth or boats sailing near a cave.

Depending on what you see first, this brainteaser should let you know if you are going to get some support to work towards your goals in life or if something good is about to happen in your career.

This picture was first shared online by the optical illusion specialist Mia Yilin, who has become very popular on social media due to her ability to predict people’s personalities.

In Mia’s video comment section, one user wrote: “This was true for me, weirdly accurate analysis” while someone else commented: “Wow this was so true!”

@mia_yilin What’s the first thing you see in this picture? #personalitytest #phycologyfacts #entertainment #trending #funfacts #fengshui #fortune #relationship #wealth #fyp #fypシ #chinesewithmia #mia_yilin #china #chinese #Asian #learnontiktok ♬ original sound – Mia Yilin ������

Boats and Cave 

If you first saw the boats, you are admired for your work ethic and ambition. You are someone who looks to the future and is always working towards a goal in order to achieve your dreams.

However, sometimes you feel underconfident and hesitant to make decisions as you don’t like feeling uncertain about the future.

Mia said: “You will soon meet someone who will give you a lot of support and help…up until now you have been anxious to confront the unknown and have just abided by the expectations of those around you.

“You want to change your life for the better, and this person will help you do just that.”

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Shark and Teeth

If you first saw a shark, you are a social and friendly person who tries to get on with everyone. You have a reputation for being very responsible and always working hard, which is why you are very likely to be successful when it comes to your career.

Your compassion and ability to work well with others means there are likely to be more opportunities for you in the near future. This year has been pretty difficult for you, but according to Mia things will soon turn around.

Mia said: “You’re a huge asset to any team, and you know your worth. While the past six months have been quite stressful, the rest of the year will be smooth sailing for you and many of your dreams will come true. “

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