Shampoo ingredients to ‘avoid’ if you have dry hair, according to hair experts

Shampoos are used by millions of people every day and formula offers something slightly different.

Some shampoos claim to hydrate while others claim to boost volume and remove dandruff.

However, not all formulas are suitable for all hair types. In fact, some ingredients in shampoos could be harming your locks.

Trichologist Fabian Martinez at The London Hair Clinic has shared which shampoo ingredients people should avoid if they have dry hair.

Mr Martinez exclusively told that people with dry hair should avoid sulphates and petrolatum.

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He explained: “When looking for a shampoo for dry hair the ingredients can sometimes be overwhelming but the rule of thumb is to look for formulas which provide added hydration, so think coconut oil, abyssinian oil and shea butter.

“Avoid shampoo containing sulphates as they strip the hair of its natural moisture and also petrolatum as it’s a known ingredient to block the hair cuticle.”

Sulphates will strip oil and dirt away from your hair, which sounds good in theory, however, this can cause further problems.

Hair needs to retain some natural moisture and oils when it’s washed in order to stay healthy.

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When people wash their hair with shampoos containing sulphates, too much of the moisture and oils are stripped away which can leave hair feeling dry and unhealthy.

People who already have dry, unhealthy hair could end up making their locks worse.

Ross Parlane, founder of vegan hair care brand alott also said people should avoid shampoos that contain sulphates as these can also make your scalp overproduce oil which can make hair greasy.

He said: “These harsh surfactants can create a vicious cycle of stripping hair of natural oils, which leads your scalp to overproduce oil which leads to greasy hair.

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“Try a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner for a natural shine, without the grease.

“It can take time to adjust to the new formulas at first but your hair will thank you in the long term.”

Petrolatum, also known as petroleum jelly, is a common ingredient in hair and skin products. In haircare products, this ingredient is sometimes listed as mineral oil.

Some experts claim people should avoid petrolatum in haircare products because it can buildup on the scalp and hair which can block new follicle growth and weigh down hair.

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