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IF you are looking for something to binge on next week – then we've got you covered as there is a whole bunch of new shows popping up on our screens – from Beckham to Loki – take your pick.

The Sun's TV Mag has a round up of the best new tele coming in the next seven days, so let's get into it.


Beckham – Available Wednesday

A true sporting and cultural icon, David Beckham has been one of the most recognisable people on the planet ever since first finding fame as one of Manchester United’s legendary Class of 92.

Whether you think of him as the former England captain, the owner of Inter Miami football club, Posh Spice’s hubby, or even as an occasional actor – hello, Guy Ritchie’s The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and King Arthur – everybody feels like they know Becks.

But do we? This intimate four-part documentary tells David’s definitive story, from his east London beginnings to his superstar status today. With extensive access to the man himself, plus Victoria, family and friends, expect an insightful and surprising glimpse behind the headlines. 

Lupin – Available from Thursday

Cast your mind back – if you can bear it – to January 2021, when the UK had just entered a third national Covid lockdown. One of the few bright spots of that long, dark winter was the arrival of Lupin on Netflix.

This fantastic, heart-in-your-mouth French thriller introduced viewers to Assane Diol (Omar Sy), a charismatic and supremely talented thief who channels the spirit of fictional crook and master of disguise Arsene Lupin – not to mention the anger of losing his dad when he was a teenager – to help him pull off some remarkable heists.

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The third season finds Assane, now a wanted man, in hiding, far from Paris. But concerned for the safety of his wife and son, he decides to risk everything and return to the capital to make things right. Magnifique.

Everything Now – Available from Thursday

We’re in a bit of a golden age right now for teen dramas that capture the complicated and confusing realities of life for young people. Whether it’s the brilliantly funny Sex Education, the boundary-pushing Heartstopper or the gritty Euphoria, there’s loads to enjoy. Joining that impressive list this week is Everything Now, which follows the adventures of teenager Mia (Sophie Wilde).

Mia’s been out of school for seven months, recovering from anorexia. Now she faces the daunting task of returning, catching up with her friends and making up for lost time. Cue a mad dash to party, explore her sexuality and just live life to the fullest. Featuring Stephen Fry as Mia’s doctor, it’s a smart and funny eight-episode rush.

Race To The Summit – Available from Wednesday

If you’re scared of heights, look away now. This exhilarating new documentary tells the story of fearless and determined Swiss rock climbers Ueli Steck and Dani Arnold. For many years, Steck was known as the fastest climber in the world, scaling sky-scraping peaks at dizzying speeds.

But then, in 2011, Dani came along and beat Ueli’s speed record for climbing Eiger, a 3,967m-tall mountain in the Swiss Alps. That feat sparked a dangerous, daredevil duel between the pair across the great north faces of the Alps, many of which they climbed alone and without any safety equipment. Strap in for a breath-taking watch, but one tinged with tragedy, as Steck died in 2017 while preparing to climb Everest.

The Dads – Available from Sunday

It’s good to talk. In this affecting and boundary-pushing documentary, Dennis Shephard, whose gay son Matthew was murdered in 1998, accompanies five fathers of trans children on a weekend fishing trip in Oklahoma. Together, the men bond and discuss their lives and feelings, sharing what it’s been like raising trans and LGBTQ children and their hopes and fears for those young people. Above all, though, it’s a surprising study of modern fatherhood, and a heartening reminder that whatever your race, age or experience, common ground can always be found – and that common ground is always a good place to find support.


Loki – Available from Thursday

Loki who’s back! Yes, the God of Mischief is here once again, all set for a second season of time-bending, dimension-hopping adventure. This time round, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) teams up with Mobius M Mobius (Owen Wilson) – reigniting the pair’s entertaining on-screen chemistry – to try to pick up the pieces following the creation of the Multiverse at the end of season one.

Loki’s also desperate to catch up with Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), who disappeared after causing chaos last time out. With the ace Ke Huy Quan joining the cast as TVA fixer O.B., and plenty of favourite characters returning, it looks set to be another big hit. But make sure you’ve seen season one first or you’ll have no idea what’s going on…


Godfather Of Harlem – Available from Friday

If you watched the first two seasons of Godfather Of Harlem, you’ll know that infamous – and real life – 1960s mob boss Bumpy Johnson (Forest Whitaker) is a complicated fellow. He peddles drugs and doesn’t flinch from using extreme violence to protect his interests, but he’s also a chess-playing poet. It makes for an intriguing combination, particularly since gangster-based dramas often rely heavily on tired mob clichés.

As we rejoin Bumpy for the new third season, he’s struggling in the wake of the Harlem riots. And with a dangerous new threat to his control of the neighbourhood emerging – the Cuban Mafia – it promises to be another, erm, bumpy ride.


Bargain – Available from Thursday

We’re off to South Korea for this crime thriller series, which promises an unflinching and darkly funny look at the lengths to which people might go to survive after a terrible disaster.

At a remote hotel, a shady group of people have gathered for a variety of different dodgy reasons, including illegal organ trafficking and prostitution. Suddenly, a catastrophic earthquake hits and the survivors find themselves trapped inside, at the mercy of each other.

Can any of them find a way to make it out alive? Claustrophobic and very violent, it makes for intense viewing, but fortunately there’s plenty of black humour thrown in there too. In Korean with subtitles.


Fresh Cuts – Available from Sunday

Timed to coincide with Black History Month, this week sees the launch of four insightful and important new documentaries, from four up-and-coming black directors.

The films include Our NHS With Dr Zoe Williams, in which Zoe meets four pioneering black doctors, and Black Boys Can Cry With Alex Beresford, which sees Alex going on a very personal journey to investigate why black men are more likely to suffer from severe mental health issues than others.

Then there’s Black In Fashion, all about the contribution of black culture and design on mainstream British fashion, and For Crown And Country), presented by ex-Marine Ben McBean, who celebrates black military heroes from past and examines why his own Army experience was different from others’.


Strip – Available from Sunday

From Showgirls to Hustlers, the world of stripping has given us some memorable fictional tales. Now here's a show starring real women who earn a lucrative income from being a stripper. But Natalie, Christina, Sufi, Baby, Kimberlina, Santanna, Malibu, Amber, Londyn and Gabriella don't just work at any old strip club – their workplace is Crazy Horse III, a huge, high-end Las Vegas venue.

Competition, friendship and incredible dancing are all in the mix. While the subject matter isn't for everyone, there's no denying that it's a world with potential for compelling reality TV. All six episodes available from Sunday.


Louis Tomlinson: All Of Those Voices – Available from Thursday



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Louis Tomlinson – All Of Those Voices is available to watch on Paramount+ from ThursdayCredit: Getty

To say that Louis Tomlinson has had an eventful life would be a huge understatement. He’s experienced phenomenal pop superstardom, both as a member of One Direction and as a solo artist, and had to cope with crushing personal tragedy, with the deaths of his mother and sister.

This open and honest documentary, which is narrated by Louis himself, tells his remarkable and moving life story, and features interviews with family and friends, extensive, never-seen-before home videos and behind-the-scenes footage taken on tour and in the studio as he puts together his second album. An absolute must-see for Louis obsessives.

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