We started trying for a baby two weeks after meeting – it just felt right

A couple who got engaged after six days and began trying for a baby within two weeks say they've never listened to haters.

Jenny Koos, 36, and Lovemark Boadu, 44, met at a party in July 9, 2021, after their mutual DJ friend set them up.

The pair said they were “drawn” to each other as they knew it felt right by the end of the night and discussed wanting to have a child together.

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Six days later they found rings in one of Jenny’s drawers and decided to get engaged.

Knowing they wanted a child together and started trying for a baby after just two weeks of dating and following two miscarriages they fell pregnant in September 2021.

They were told their baby had heterotaxy syndrome at the 20-week scan – a rare syndrome where organs in the chest and abdomen have abnormalities or are in different positions.

But the couple said the worries surrounding it “propelled” their relationship and their little girl was born completely healthy on June 7, 2022.

Jenny, a fertility awareness educator, from Malmö, Sweden, said: “His face was the first face I saw. I was just drawn to him.

“We were talking, and then we were dancing and then nothing else existed.

“We put together our children and made this a family within weeks of meeting.

“It may seem crazy, but we had all these friends in common, vouching for us.

“It wasn’t a random stranger.”

Lovemark, a teacher, added: “I felt the same way she felt. I thought: 'Oh s**t who is that?'

“It was a deeper connection at first sight. I knew this is the one.”

Both Jenny and Lovemark were both divorced and had four children between them from previous relationships – aged six, nine, 10 and 13.

They had both been working on “personal growth” and knew they didn’t want to get into anything “messy”.

Jenny said: “Our friend told me to come to this party he was DJing at.

“He told Lovemark ‘Jenny is going to be there, and you guys are going to vibe’.

“He both knew we would like each other.

“But I don’t think he knew how much we would click.

"He probably didn’t expect the call the next day saying ‘oh, we’re going to get married’.”

After meeting the pair spent the night talking and dancing together – covering all topics and eventually working out they were both single.

Jenny explained: “We talked about everything at that night.

“We really went through everything. The financial aspects, history, break-ups.

“It wasn’t silly love.

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“After we had all those important conversations, I just told him ‘I’m just going to give you a child’ and he said ‘yes, you will’. This is for life.

“That was it.”

Jenny met Lovemark’s family three days later and he met her relatives two weeks later when they came back from a holiday.

Jenny said: “In my mind we got engaged the first night because we said 'this is it'.

“We found a couple of rings in a drawer after five days – that were my grandmother's old rings – so we put them on.”

They started trying to conceive a baby after two weeks of dating and, following two early miscarriages, they found out they were expecting in September 2021.

At the 20-week scan their unborn daughter, now one, was diagnosed with heterotaxy syndrome and had to decide whether to terminate the pregnancy or not.

They decided to go ahead with scans every week for the remainder of the pregnancy but didn’t know how she would be impacted until the birth.

“They were pretty crass and dire about it," Jenny said.

“We were extremely worried for her.

“It propelled the relationship even deeper.

“Miraculously she isn’t impacted.”

Their daughter was born on June 7, 2022, and spent a month in neonatal while they ran tests to check she was OK.

Jenny said: “She’s a love child. We went headfirst into being parents.

“It’s been very intense. It’s a very blissful state.”

The parents “haven’t had the chance” to tie the knot but hope to have a proper big wedding in the next few years.

Jenny said: “We got married on the day we decided to keep her.

“There is no ceremony that could be bigger than us.”

Their family and friends have mostly been supportive of the relationship – as the pair have lots of mutual friends who could see their connection.

Lovemark said: “Some people were like 'are you sure?'

“But they saw how I was behaving.”

Jenny added: "We're showing that is is possible. Happiness and love doesn't have to be polished.

"It's not luck. It's lucky we met but we did a lot of mindful work on ourselves to get here."

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