I have 7 dogs but my house doesn't smell – my 'holy grail' of cleaning products and a gadget that makes a big difference | The Sun

A DOG owner has shared her hacks for keeping her home smelling fresh all the time. The TikToker revealed the cleaning items she swears by, including her holy grail product. In her video, TikTok user Tracy Fosterling (@tracyfosterling) revealed that she has seven dogs, including two foster puppies. "Just because you have dogs doesn’t mean your house has to smell

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Russia deploys its best fighting unit to the front lines

Russia deploys its best fighting unit to the front lines in desperate bid to halt Ukraine advance as counter-offensive achieves breakthrough Kyiv claims to have captured the southern city of Robotyne in its push south Reports suggest Russia has moved elite units to slow Ukraine’s advance  Russia has deployed one of its most elite fighting units to the frontlines in a

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Frances Tiafoe Is Ready

One year ago, Frances Tiafoe headed to the U.S. Open, beloved within the tennis world but a relative unknown outside it. He emerged as the first American man to reach the U.S. Open semifinals since 2006, and the first Black American man since Arthur Ashe. Tiafoe did it by upsetting the great Rafael Nadal in an emotional, magnetic match in,

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