Charles Leclerc crashes out of Brazilian Grand Prix BEFORE race has even started as F1 star smashes into barriers | The Sun

CHARLES LECLERC has crashed out of the Brazil Grand Prix BEFORE the race has even started.

The Ferrari driver slammed into the barriers during the formation lap and saw his race come to a premature end.

The unbelievable start to the race saw Leclerc lose control of his steering and smash into the barriers.

He began second in the grid, but his chances of getting something from the race were suddenly over before it had even started.

The 26-year-old could be heard asking his team why he had been unlucky enough to have issues already.

He said: "I lost the hydraulics. Why am I so unlucky? Why am I so f*****g unlucky?"



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It's not the only early drama that the start of the race saw either as Kevin Magnussen, Alex Albon and Oscar Piatri were all ruled out in the early stages.

Mangussen and Albon were out before turn one after they collided and were both sent spinning.

The safety car was immediately deployed as both drivers saw their race come to an end.

While Piastri was an unfortunate bystander who took a hit to his rear side from Magnussen during the drama.

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The Aussie driver tried to continue, but was told by the McLaren team that his car wasn't safe enough to keep going.

And all the drama led to a huge amount of debris on the tracks which in turn caused the stewards to red flag the race.

However the red flag was a blessing in disguise for Piastri who was able to get back out on the track from the pitlane after work was completed on his car during the short break.

Leclerc spoke to Sky Sports after he was ruled out and explained his extraordinary start to the race.

He said: "I lost the steering wheel and I went straight basically because I had no hydraulic anymore.

"I don't think it's a hydraulic problem, I mean I know what it is and I cannot go to much into detail.

"There was an engine thing that made me lock the rear wheels and then obviously I spun and hit the wall and I couldn't do anything."

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