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JOE JOYCE has been devastatingly knocked out by Zhilei Zhang in the third round at Wembley Arena.

Zhang won in quicker fashion than he did in their first clash back in April.

After a barrage of blows a stunning right dropped Joyce for the first time in his career and the fight was waved off.

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  • By Connor Greaves

    Full re-cap from last night

    • Zhilei Zhang (c) def. Joe Joyce via KO 3 for the interim WBO heavyweight title
    • Pierce O'Leary def. Kane Gardner via UD 10
    • Anthony Yarde def. Ricky Summers via KO 2
    • Sam Noakes def. Carlos Perez via PTS 6
    • Zach Parker def. Khalid Graidia via TKO 7
    • Ezra Taylor def. Joel McIntyre via TKO 8
    • Royston Barney-Smith def. Engel Gomez via PTS 6
    • Moses Itauma def. Amine Boucetta via TKO 1
    • Tommy Fletcher def. Alberto Tapia via TKO 6

    Mystic Fury?

    Tyson Fury made it clear he was backing Zhang to repeat the result – and that is exactly what he did.

    Fury predicted: “Tough fight again. 50/50.

    "But you’d have to favour the champion, because one he’s just beat him already, knocked him out, and two his confidence will be high knowing he can win


    "Before he wasn’t sure, now he knows.”

    No average Joe

    Joe Joyce's former manager Sam Jones has warned not to rule out the beaten Brit just yet.

    Jones tweeted: "Joe Joyce was not himself last time no idea what went on but it wasn’t him in there.

    "I don’t want to discredit Zhang he won fair and square but if Joe Joyce is the Joe Joyce I know he will win tonight and win in style.

    "Write him off at your peril."

    • By Jack Figg


      Joe Joyce's top-level career was ended by a sensational right hook from 21st Chinese monster Zhilei Zhang.

      The Juggernaut celebrated his 38th birthday on Tuesday and only wanted rematch revenge over the man who battered his eye shut in April for a gift.

      But it was an even more brutal end to the bout – and Joyce’s dreams of ever fulfilling his early potential to be a heavyweight world champion – when gun-loving Zhang destroyed his chin with a surprise right hook.

      The opener was a stinker with only one real punch thrown, a left from southpaw Zhang that Joyce caught and parried away.

      It was a massive relief to the packed Wembley arena supporting the Putney man as every dig Zhang threw five months earlier landed and damaged our man’s eye.

      The second round livened up as soon as Zhang landed a crisp one-two and his few Chinese fans started drowning out the Brits.

    • By Jack Figg

      Joyce vs Zhang

      Zhang has called on the fans to goad Tyson Fury into a fight.

      He said: "I want to ask the audience, do you want to see me shut Tyson Fury up?"

      Credit: Richard Pelham / The Sun
    • By Jack Figg

      Joyce vs Zhang

      Zhang says: "I'm happy, I'm happy.

      "I feel very happy, like I said before the fight it was going to end sooner than the first fight."

      Zhang adds that he "respects" Joyce following their two shared fights.

      Credit: Richard Pelham / The Sun
    • By Jack Figg

      Joyce vs Zhang


      A counter lead right hook landed by Zhang right at the end of round three and left Joyce knocked out.

      Joyce tried his best to get up but the fight was already over. Zhang wins by brutal KO.

      Credit: Richard Pelham / The Sun
    • By Jack Figg

      Joyce vs Zhang

      Round 3 – Joyce is really struggling to evade these shots and Zhang is unloading.

      Another big left hand sends Joyce tottering to the ropes, the Brit can't seem to get going here.

      IT'S OVER!

    • By Jack Figg

      Joyce vs Zhang

      Round 2 – JOYCE IS WOBBLED!

      Big left hand from Zhang had Joyce shaken but the Londoner did fire back in response.

      Zhang ends the round with a flurry of combinations that had Joyce again looking rocked. Big start from the Chinese star.

    • By Jack Figg

      Joyce vs Zhang

      Round 1 – Very tentative first round.

      Almost nothing to split the pair, both circling each other and refusing to commit.

      Couple body shots went in either way but nothing damaging.

    • By Jack Figg

      Joyce vs Zhang

      Here we go!

      Joyce comes out pawing out the jab, Zhang looks patient.

      Already Joyce is circling to his left, away from the left hand.

    • By Jack Figg

      Zhang-tastic entrance

      And now here comes Zhilei Zhang!

      Can he do the double on Joyce and potentially end the Brit into retirement?

      Similarly, at 40 a loss for Zhang could leave his career in tatters.

    • By Jack Figg

      Right Joyce

      Joe Joyce has taken an unusual measure to ensure a victory, resorting to the use of an electric skateboard.

      He lost to Zhang back in April in what was the 38-year-old's first professional loss, but he has found a new way to clear his head after the heartbreak of losing his unbeaten record.

      Instead of going for a stroll or zoning out to some music, he has instead been heading out on his one-wheel skateboard.

      Speaking to the Daily Star about what's helped him move past the defeat, he said: "I got out in nature on my one wheel skateboard thing, that helped me.

      "Going to see family and friends. Reviewing the footage as well and seeing where I went wrong. It wasn’t that I was thinking, it was a distraction and something to feel good about and enjoy.

      “I have hobbies away from boxing, I swim, dive, cycle and the one wheel is my new thing. It helps me take my mind off it and enjoy life. It means it’s not boxing, boxing, boxing.”



      Joyce explains how bizarre SKATEBOARD tactic is helping ahead of Zhang rematch

    • By Jack Figg

      London calling

      Yarde has called out Joshua Buatsi!

      Buatsi first faces Dan Azeez on October 21 but Yarde says if he wants that is the fight he wants next.

      He even went as far to say a verbal agreement has been struck between the pair to box in 2024.

      Credit: Reuters
    • By Wally Downes Jr

      Yarde wins KO R2

      Silva gets slashed about the stomach and bounced off the ropes but he is brave.

      Yarde plays with his food and lets the underdog recover.

      Then he piles and batters Silva into submission in his own corner.

    • By Wally Downes Jr

      Yarde vs Silva R1

      Yarde's heavy hands fly back into action and Silva feels the wrath of his golden gloves.

      The Portuguese is hurt a couple of times, to skull and torso, but doesn't drop.

      Yarde is coasting and will win the second he steps on the gas.

    • By Wally Downes Jr

      Yarde vs Silva

      Eight months ago Yarde suffered a punishing loss to light-heavyweight monster Artur Beterbiev.

      This is his comeback and it is a gimme against Jorge Silva, he will win in style and probably early.

      But he earned an easy one after giving his all against the terrifying hairy Russian and going out on his shield.

    • By Wally Downes Jr

      Itauma wins TKO R1

      An uppecut drops the poor Belgian, he beats the count and winks at his corner!

      Bad move.

      Itauma ups the ante and batters him until the towel flies in to save him.

    • By Wally Downes Jr

      Itauma vs Boucetta R1

      Eighteen-year-old southpaw heavyweight sensation Moses Itauma has gone the distance in his last two bouts.

      The 4-0 powerhouse has suffered hand injuries and needed time to heal.

      So he could be especially harsh on Belgian Amine Boucetta right now.

    • By Wally Downes Jr

      O'Leary wins decision

      The three ringside judges call the engaging 140lbs clash 100-90, 99-92 and 99-92.

      A fair call but probably a closer fight.

      Gardner is a problem who can come again.

    • By Wally Downes Jr

      O'Leary vs Gardner R10

      The classy super-lights touch gloves before battering each other for one more session.

      Blood is smeared across Gardner's face and O'Leary has bruises all over his chiselled good looks.

      Gardner lands his best shot of the fight but O'Leary shrugs it off.

      The bell ends a cracker fight that was slipping under the radar after three rounds but then exploded into a thriller.

    • By Wally Downes Jr

      O'Leary vs Gardner R9

      Gardner is now bleeding from his nose following lefts and rights.

      But he is going out on his shield, as we edge toward an O'Leary decision.

      The bell ends another slugfest with Gardner left with three minutes to pull off a stoppage comeback upset.

    • By Wally Downes Jr

      O'Leary vs Gardner R8

      Kane Gardner has a head of steel and a heart full of pride, he's taken a bit of a pasting but refused to buckle.

      O'Leary's biggest fear is breaking his hands on Gardner who started slowly but grew into the battle.

      A right hand on Gardner's head ends the round.

    • By Wally Downes Jr

      O'Leary vs Gardner R7

      Gardner looks vulnerable now, O'Leary's blows are not landing flush but he is barrelling into the ropes.

      O'Leary's head movement is mustard, he slips shots at the last second with ease.

      Another round in the O'Leary vault.

    • By Wally Downes Jr

      O'Leary vs Gardner R6

      O'Leary's team wipe away the blood and stem the flow, for now.

      Gardner is now on the front foot after a timid start.

      Gardner is suddenly hurt, a twister leg or stunning shot have robbed him of his balance.

      O'Leary chases him around the ring until he recovers, it must have been a slip or stumble.

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