Britney Spears' ex Adnan Ghalib reveals they thought she was pregnant and she longed to have a girl after abortion | The Sun

BRITNEY Spears longs to become a girl mom, her ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib has exclusively told The U.S. Sun. 

It emerged this week that Gimme More star Britney, 41, had an abortion with ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake in 2000 when the pair were 19. 

Although Britney went on to have sons Sean Preston, 18, and Jayden James, 17, she is said to have been left “haunted” by the decision to abort Justin’s baby.

Security consultant Adnan, 50, dated Britney in the months leading up to her being placed in a controversial mental health conservatorship under her father Jamie. 

Speaking exclusively to The U.S. Sun, he told how during his time with Britney she seemed very keen on having more children. 

Adnan believes that Britney wanted a daughter to make up for the poor relationship she has with her own mom, Lynne.   

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The Brit, originally from Birmingham, England, but now living in California, said: “She wanted a baby girl. 

“I feel she felt her mom was not the mother she expected and so she wanted to rectify that in her life.

“She liked the idea of having a daughter being raised in the way she dreamed, in a normal suburban setting.”

Britney discusses her relationship with Adnan in the new memoir, although she never mentions him by name.

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She tells how he has previously worked as a paparazzi photographer but liked him because he was “chivalrous and helped me out when the others got too aggressive.”  

The book tells how their relationship was brought to an abrupt end when the conservatorship began.


Talking frankly about his time with the star, Adnan says that Britney never revealed to him that she had previously had an abortion. 

But he revealed that she was very open about the scars she was carrying from having lost custody of her boys to ex-husband Kevin Federline in 2008 shortly before being put into the conservatorship. 

And he claims it was very clear that she had a strong desire to be a mother again.

He said: “As far back as I can remember, the one thing she wanted more than anything was to have more children alongside being a mother to the boys.

“Starting a new family and having a child with me would be different than having her two sons. 

“It wasn't about her neglecting those boys.

“It was more a case of she thought that if we had a kid, then it would be a normal family.

"She wanted to be away from the exterior entity or forces that felt were in control of her life.

“She wanted a house in Texas, not LA – and a reclamation of that control because it would be our child together. 

“It would get that fulfillment that she was deprived of, which was having a child in the house that she could be a mom to every day.

“The child that we’d have was not going to be taken away like her sons.

“She was always longing and pining to spend time with those boys.”

Adnan also revealed that Britney was “over the moon” as she revealed that she thought she was pregnant with his child.

The moment came during a getaway the then-couple went on in Mexico in early 2008.

He said: “We had a mini break, which was fabulous, where she seemed to getting back on track and ready to show the judge she was fit to get her kids back. 

“She told me: ‘I am in love you’ and told me: ‘I think I am pregnant’

“She seemed very excited about it, and I knew she would want to keep the child. 

“I could see in her eyes the excitement was consuming her.

“We rushed to a pharmacy to get a test, but it proved negative.

“I could see her heart sink, and she was quiet for the rest of the day. 

“She was shocked because she told me she had the same feelings and symptoms as she had before when carrying both Sean and Jayden.

“I know she wants more children and is desperate to find the right person to settle down with.

"I hope she meets the man, who truly makes her happy.”


The U.S. Sun revealed this week that Britney details in her book how her father and management team controlled her sex life until she was released from the conservatorship in November 2021.

She says that before she went on a first date with any man, the potential suitor would be told her medical and sexual history.

"When someone wanted to date me, the security team who answered to my father would run a background check on him, make him sign an NDA, and even make him submit a blood test," Britney added.

During her legal battle to free herself from the conservatorship, Britney also revealed that her team had refused her request to get her IUD removed so she could try for a third kid. 

Speaking of his horror at the revelations, Adnan said: “Being denied more having kids by exterior forces, through these contraception devices, is cutthroat and emotionally disgusting

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“It’s right that Britney and her body are no longer a prisoner

“Now she can search for ultimate happiness, because under that control she was are not allowed to be happy – that was hard.”

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