Corrie Doms future ‘sealed’ – theft, custody battle and surprise reunion

Coronation Street fans have been glued to their screens over the past few weeks following the surprise arrival of newcomer Dom Everett.

Loyal fans of the ITV soap will remember when Eliza Woodrow first started trying to find her estranged father online.

After weeks of search she finally found Dom on Facebook and jumped at the chance to reconnect with him.

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But it’s fair to say their first meeting didn’t go quite as smoothly to plan when she accidentally revealed to her protective grandfather and guardian Stu is “minted”.

As he continues to get closer to his long-lost daughter, Daily Star has put the world’s most popular artificial intelligent “creative” tool Bard AI through its paces to find out what his real motives are.

Let’s take a look …

Con artist

During Eliza’s first meeting with Dom and Stu, the group went to enjoy a bowl of ice cream together, but her newfound dad found himself in a sticky situation when he forgot his wallet.

Fans have been suspicious about his motives since their first meeting after they saw Dom’s excitement when Eliza let slip about Stu’s impressive financial status.

And they aren’t the only ones suspicious of his true intentions, with Bard AI also sharing its concerns when asked if he will steal from Eliza’s doting grandfather in the future.

It predicted: “It is possible that Dom will steal money from Stu on Coronation Street. Dom is a known con artist and has already shown that he is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

“He has also expressed an interest in Stu’s money, and he knows that Stu is wealthy. Dom is in a lot of debt, and he may feel like he needs to steal the money from Stu to get out of debt.”

The program also pointed out that Dom may decide to change his ways and work on rebuilding his relationship with his daughter out of fear that he could get caught and risk going to jail.

Custody battle

Another serious concern for Coronation Street fans is that Dom will attempt to get custody of Eliza and leave Weatherfield with her for good.

Earlier this week, Dom and Stu locked horns after Eliza found herself in hospital after she was hit by a driver.

Despite his best interests, Stu called Dom to inform him of the incident and he turned up at the hospital with a big teddy.

It didn’t take long before the pair started trading insults before Eliza decided it was best for Stu to leave and devastated him further when she told him that she wanted to live with her dad.

Things only went from bad to worse when Dom offered to convince Eliza to move back with Stu in return for £10,000 to clear him of his debts.

When Stu insisted that he wouldn’t see a penny, Stu was left with no option but to leave Eliza in his care despite the fact that she failed to turn up to school.

After social workers insisted that Eliza is well within her right to stay with Dom, Bard AI suggested that another custody battle could ensue in the future.

It argued: “It is possible that Dom will try to get custody of Eliza on Coronation Street. Dom is Eliza’s biological father and he has a legal right to apply for custody.”

But the system was quick to point out that it wouldn’t be an easy battle for him to win because “the courts will consider a number of factors, including the child’s best interests”.

It went on: “In Dom’s case, the courts are likely to consider his history of conning people and his financial situation. They will also consider his relationship with Eliza and whether he is capable of providing her with a safe and stable home.

“It is also worth nothing that Stu is Eliza’s guardian, and he has been providing her with a loving and supportive home. This will give him a strong case for retaining custody of Eliza.”

Surprise reunion

But his argument for custody over Eliza may change if Dom’s ex-wife and Stu’s daughter Bridget was to return to the show.

Bridget was last seen on the soap back in 2021 following her dad Stu’s release from prison over a crime he did not commit. It turned out that she was involved in the crime, and was soon charged and sentenced for murder.

Despite their fractured relationship, Stu and Bridget are still in touch, with the doting dad last speaking to his daughter when Dom arrived in the town.

When asked what Dom’s future holds on the ITV cobbles, the program suggested that he may reunite with his distant wife.

It explained: “It is possible that Bridget will return to Coronation Street with Dom. Bridget is Dom’s ex-wife and she has not been seen on the show since 2021. However, she is still mentioned by Dom from time to time, and it is clear that he still has feelings for her.

“It is possible that Bridget will return to Coronation Street to help Dom with his custody battle for Eliza.

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“She is a lawyer, and she could provide him with valuable legal advice. She could also help him to build a case for why he should be granted custody of Eliza.”

Viewers will have to stay tuned to see what will happen to Eliza on the cobbles and whether her reunion with her estranged dad will continue to flourish.

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