Emmerdale fans in hysterics as they spot blunders in epic Mack car crash scenes

Emmerdale fans have been left rather confused after Mack appeared to gain super-strength following a dramatic crash, which left him holding a car back from falling off a cliff.

The epic scenes came as Mack and Chloe were heading away from the village in Tuesday night's show, 10 October, before picking up Charity, who had been left stranded on the roadside after her car ran out of petrol.

Recent episodes saw Mack cheat on Chloe with his ex Charity, and with Chloe recently discovering the infidelity, it quickly became rather award for the trio as their journey continued.

And just as it seemed that Chloe was about to confront the pair they were hit by a truck, which sent the car spiraling across a field before winding up at the edge of a cliff.

And despite Mack appearing the receive the brunt of the truck, he was somehow the first to wake up, and subsequently ended up holding the car up to stop it falling.

Fans were quick to point out a number of blunders in the scene, with one questioning just how the car ended up where it did, as they wrote: "Jesus was their car actually chitty chitty bang bang and it flew across fields cause how else do they come off a road and end up where they have #Emmerdale"

Others shared their confusion at Mack's apparent super-strength, with one writing: "F*ck me didn’t realise Mac was superman, holding the weight of a car and two women from falling off a cliff #emmerdale"

"SuperMack takes a transit van full on to the ribs and now is single handedly stopping a car from falling off the edge of a cliff #emmerdale" added another, while a third quipped: "Suddenly Mack has the strength to hold up a car teetering on the edge of a cliff.

"What is he now….The Incredible bloody Hulk. Absolutely ridiculous #Emmerdale"

"Macky boy has the cockroach genes! that boy will survive anything much to the whole feeds enjoyment #emmerdale" joked a fourth.

Ahead of the dramatic scenes in tonight's episode, Lawrence Robb, who plays Mack opened up to OK! about filming the stunt for this year's super-soap week.

He said: "The best bit for me has been filming at the quarry – getting bloodied up was pretty cool and hanging over the edge of the cliff. I’ve done a few stunts before – I was involved in the maze, saved a serial killer and ran through fire. But this is completely different, it’s a cross between Sophie’s Choice and The Italian Job.

"Us three have been very lucky this year to be as heavily involved in the stunt as we have been – it probably won’t come around again in our Emmerdale life."

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