GB News backlash as host swears live on air after Daniel Khalife blunder

GB News presenter fails to announce Daniel Khalife’s arrest

GB News presenter Martin Daubney was left red-faced and seemed to swear when reporting on escaped terror suspect Daniel Khalife.

The host appeared to get flustered as he struggled to get his words out during the breaking news update.

After receiving the news Khalife had been arrested, Martin referred to him as “the terror man”.

“First, it’s the news headlines… no it’s not,” Martin began after receiving the news.

“We’re going straight to me, this is breaking news, this is fast and happening.”

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The GB News star hesitated before he continued: “Because as we just said… erm… we… apprehended… the terror man.”

“F**k, it’s all gone wrong,” Martin went on to admit as he tried to overcome the blunder.

Things took another turn, when Martin grabbed a piece of paper to announce which guest was coming up on the show.

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The blunder didn’t go unnoticed by viewers, with many taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Sharing a clip of the blunder, one fan complained: “Daniel Khalife had been found in Chiswick and apprehended by police. Martin Daubney here on GB News #GBNews making an absolute horlicks of this important breaking news. It’s like a parody of amateur it’s that bad!” (sic)

Another replied: “I know live tv isn’t an easy gig but it takes some doing to be this bad!” (sic)

While a third pointed out: “God love him. The swearing. The panic. The weariness. The clinging to one phrase: ‘CHIP CHAPMAN! CHIP CHAPMAN… CHIP?!!’” (sic)

One shared: “I think I see now why OFCOM doesn’t consider them to be a news channel…”

GB News airs daily from 6am on GB News.

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