Gen V teases possible tactic to bring down Homelander in The Boys

Gen V final trailer to air on Prime Video

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Gen V. 

Gen V has featured a scene that has the potential to bring down Homelander in The Boys on Prime Video. 

The superhero show may be a spin-off of the internationally popular The Boys but it has proven a gripping drama in its own right. 

In the first four episodes, Marie Moreau (played by Jaz Sinclair) and her friends at the Godolkin University for superheroes have uncovered a conspiracy which could bring down the establishment for good. 

But a particular scene which may not seem very important could have ramifications for the entire franchise. 

In fact, it could be the answer Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and the gang have been looking for to stop Homelander (Antony Starr).

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During episode two, Andre Anderson (Chance Perdomo) is searching the forbidden parts of the university when he runs into some dangerous Vought guards. 

One of them is able to catch up with Andre and before he gets the chance to use his magnetic powers, the Vought uses a device that sends out an ultra-high frequency noise that only Supes can hear with humans unaffected. 

As Andre is keeling over in pain, the Vought teases how all Supes have heightened hearing so devices like his can be used as a torture device.

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Thankfully, Andre’s suffering was stopped with help from Cate Dunlap (Maddie Phillips) who was able to help him escape. 

This may seem like a minor detail but it could be the answer to The Boys’ prayers when it comes to taking down Homelander. 

As fans of the original drama know all too well, the charming villain has a plethora of powers and one of them is heightened hearing, which is even more sensitive when compared to other Supes. 

Homelander is also able to hear miles away which has, of course, caused problems when the gang has tried to stop him and The Seven in the past.

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So, in theory, if Butcher and his team were able to get their hands on a device that emits a similar high frequency sound, this may stop Homelander in his tracks. 

Of course, there is the downfall that this could impact more than just their arch-nemesis as all Supes’ hearing is sensitive. 

But fans will have to wait until season four of The Boys to find out if this information will be used to try and take Homelander down. 

Gen V airs every Friday on Amazon Prime Video.

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