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BIG BROTHER star Hallie Clarke said there is one housemate that is ready to explode – saying a huge new feud is brewing.

Hallie, 18, was given her marching orders on Friday and became the third housemate to be evicted.

There has already been rows, tears and tantrums in the house and Hallie is convinced that we're in for one almighty bust-up.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Hallie said: "I honestly think Dylan has been biting his tongue a lot, so I think soon he is going to snap.

"I would see it in his face, it something p***** him off, his face would turn and I would see it.

"In my head I would think 'just tell him Dylan, tell him', because I feel the more he bottles it up, he will explode.


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"For example the venting machine task, I could tell that he meant what he was saying by the way he was shouting.

"So I think soon he's going to snap."

Hallie said she also thinks the housemates will reach boiling point over Tom's late night antics.

She went on: "I just think Tom's a wind-up, he loves winding me up but I just think that's the kid in him.

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"He was saying that I was immature but I feel that he can be quite immature, in the sense that when it's bedtime he's causing ruckus in the bedroom.

"It's all a laugh in his eyes but I can tell it's going to start to grate on people."

Hallie was also quick to defend her pal Kerry despite fans slamming the NHS worker as a "bully" and claimed she has been "manipulating" the other housemates.

Crowds outside the house have repeatedly booed Kerry at the live evictions, which were heard by the other housemates.

After Friday's eviction, Trish told Jordan and Henry that she thought Hallie was given the boot because of her close friendship with Kerry.

Addressing those comments, Hallie said: "Kerry was my mum in the house and she said to me that I was the daughter she never had, I honestly in my heart feels like she wants nothing but the best for me.

"I had nothing but love from her and she was so genuine and kind to me.

"She was amazing, she was very genuine.

"When I heard the chats of 'get Kerry out, get Kerry out', it broke my heart because she is so lovely to me and it broke my heart thinking that her boys at home having to see that…it's hard, I feel for that."

When asked if she understood why Kerry has been branded "manipulative" by fans, Hallie replied: "I can't see that, I only see the good side of her.

"Maybe when I watch it back, I will see things but I don't know what to expect because I just saw the genuine side of her and nothing but love and she was honest and open.

"Even with Zak, she called him splinters and said he sat on the fence.

"So I don't understand the manipulative side of it, I never felt like she planted any seeds in my ear, I never felt like she got me to do dirty work, we just had a genuine good relationship."

She continued: "She moans, she's a big character and maybe people don't know how to take her, she's like Marmite – you either love her or hate her."

Hallie was also quick to shut down rumours of a "mean girl" energy within the house – with fans suggesting Hallie, Kerry, Olivia and Paul were part of the group.

"I don't see that there is a mean girl group, I don't like that," Hallie explained.

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"However, I do feel that me, Kerry and Olivia are big characters, we are outspoken, loud and upfront, so that could be perceived in a mean girl way but we were never mean or horrible or insulting.

"We just spoke our mind and maybe that got perceived in the wrong way, I don't understand the mean girl narrative."

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