I went to a Married At First Sight wedding ceremony – its brutal

The true reality behind the scenes at a Married At First Sight wedding ceremony has been revealed, as one guest has spilled the beans on all the goings on out of camera-shot.

Writer and journalist Katie Begley had a front row seat at the wedding of "intruders" Jordan and Erica during this season of the Channel 4 reality show, which saw fans complaining on X, formerly known as Twitter, that an important change was made to the show's format.

The lucky guest witnessed all manner of juicy excitement and unseen bits between 25 year old Scottish dance teacher Erica and Sheffield personal trainer Jordan, 26, whose wedding was shown in the latest episode.

She confirmed that the couple only met for the very first time when Erica was walking down the aisle during Thursday night's instalment, and a number of runners and crew assistants were tasked with running an incredibly tight ship to make sure no blunders took place.

Doors were also locked and windows were blacked out, according to Katie, who claimed that the production took the secrecy incredibly seriously so the first meeting was true.

What's more, the journalist was given firm rules to follow in order to make sure that the bride and groom didn't learn any pre-wedding tid-bits about each other, as she shared all with The Sun.

The wedding, which took place at the Elvetham Hotel in Hampshire, was reportedly packed with all friends and family members – no actors in sight – and the camera crew and director were hidden behind floral arrangements in the corners of the room.

While one mishap reportedly took place when Erica's stunning wedding gown accidentally knocked into a candle, and prompted the star's mum to race over and prevent a fire hazard, everything else went smoothly.

The ceremony itself seemed honest and natural to those in the room, but as soon as it was over, crew members reportedly rushed in to separate to the bride and groom for their "honest, initial impressions" on camera.

As a flurry of activity ensued, the crew were stopped short when they tried to get some close-up shots of Jordan's ring as it unfortunately got "stuck".

“It’s obviously meant to be because that’s not coming off!" the new groom reportedly joked.

While the couple were eventually reunited for their wedding pictures and sparks began to fly, the day itself was long, as all the filming meant that it took hours and hours between the day's events, according to Katie.

She also claimed that there was "no music" throughout the reception and wedding meal, with hidden microphones "picking up chatter" instead.

The timelines also seem out of sync, as MAFS fans will remember that the couples often disappear out of the wedding mid-way through for a private chat in the grounds.

This version, claims that Erica and Jordan did their private filming once all the guests had been told to "go home".

Time will tell if the couple's initial attraction is set to grow as the series moves forward.

Married At First Sight continues Monday-Thursday at 9pm on E4

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