Importance of Eating Before Entering the Quest Room

Escape Hour is going to challenge you whether you are from Calgary or Edmonton. Hence, it would be better to eat a lot before the quest game. There are a lot of dining options near Escape Hour so you will certainly find a good option. Whether it is American cuisine or vegetarian, you will definitely find something that you will like. What you must do is to arrive earlier than your schedule then get something to eat after depositing your items in the locker room. When you eat healthy food, you will feel confident about your chances of conquering the quest room. It is a lot easier said than done though as not a lot of people can claim that they were able to complete the challenge.

Some came pretty close but they ended up coming up a bit short. That is alright as you can always try and try again and you can even choose different people to come with you. If you blame other people for nothing being able to complete the challenge, When you are hungry and you enter the escape room Edmonton, that may not be something you would want to find out the result of. It is evident you will not want to continue with that.It will be the same with not eating before going to work because you will not feel good about your chances.

Don’t forget about drinking drinks that will spice up your energy. Some good examples would be coffee and energy drinks even though water would do so that it won’t contain much sweets. There are times when sugar will get you up so high. Hence, if that has happened to you in the past then it would be alright to indulge on some ice cream and iced coffee with a lot of whipped cream. You won’t even crave for that again when you enter the exit game. You will be focused on the task at hand and you would want to get it over with so you can eat again.

It happens when you are not that full before you enter the room. Thus, you will be motivated to really do your best. Before leaving your house, you can already eat there if you want to not spend much for your day. You can’t blame yourself for doing that since you will already spend your hard earned money at Escape Hour so eat healthy food at home sweet home.